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Years ago. So wonderful summit avenue. Can't think of her name's on our house. Make us laugh so hard. She came in with the slow food. Yes. I'm like what the hell is slow food extra smiling ju-, really slowly. And then artisan solve this is this is so how long we've been on the air. Yeah. I know. Good lord. Okay. So that is going on. Now here is if you if you are dating if you're on line dating. Okay. If you are online dating you might need some just here's some refreshing. Just a refresher on modern lexicon. That may have changed. Okay. Okay. So if you wanna act with cool kids, okay? We know about cat fishing. But now, there's also something called kitten fishing gear. Tell me the difference. Well, kid fishing, of course is not as extreme as cat fishing, which usually involves somebody in a wifi cafe in the country far away pretending to be someone that they're not. Okay. That is big time cat fishing kit fishing is where you post a photo from ten years ago. You you pretend to be someone who used to be. Yes, maybe you lie about your height. Pretended. What you think of yourself? Yes. Mirrored the rose colored glasses. Yeah. So when someone says, well, are you doing a little kitten fishing now you now, you know that? Okay. Well, not too much. Yeah. And go seem which is why the young people are getting sick of tender because ghosting just it's the old fashioned way. And bam. Thank you, ma'am. Kind of a thing or disappearing completely crickets. Yeah. Which that to me would be the one beautiful thing about online dating was seen, by the way that Raya the fa- the Tinder for the celebrity people. Yeah. I love the story that Melby at night with Zach Daffron. It's not true. He denied it. He flat out tonight. Course he's going to deny. Julia. Why should he confirm it? Do you think he had a night? Lease. Do you think Zack Ephron is not Enria? Why not? More option. Right. Because you can't be mingling with all the regular people know. No. Yeah. I mean, you know, I'm to look into what are the qualifications to go to Ray area is R E A R A Y A schinder for celebrities. Why find out what are for random small? Okay. So now this term gaps being O as in the great Gatsby. Okay. I'm gonna try to think of what it would be gaps being. Someone we would be married and having an affair with a neighbor. Gets being is when you throw a party on your or Twitter or Facebook. Nobody maybe you g you show a picture of yourself your unagreed trip. And you know, that someone might be looking at you. And it's a way of making someone jealous. So you can do against be. Okay. So when you're away from your crush might see it, I know they'll like hook it. How much fun? I'm having away from you. That's right. You're not that big of a deal. That's right. Okay. Trying to make your stomach. It's trying to make the person jealous. That's right. But they call it Gatsby. Cushioning. We know that one is remaining extra way, no crucial..

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