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Took the money back that bank legacy taxes says they would have caught the million dollar mistake even if Ruth's husband had alerted them Christine Persichetti fox news winter weather advisory starts at six o'clock tomorrow morning some slippery roads tomorrow into Monday morning cloudy with a few rain or snow showers this afternoon mid twenties overnight snow and freezing drizzle possible through the day tomorrow will be in the low thirties a little snow into Monday this is K. NSS meteorologist Steve Hamilton and right now which does the wind is out of the northeast at seven miles an hour it's overcast and thirty six from ninety eight seven thirteen thirty this is K. and US US news I Max power enzyme Todd Starnes with news and commentary maxed number one inspirational movie in America is coming to DVD and Blu ray in time for Christmas over sure the gift this holiday season when you find the one who created your whole starring Alex Kendrick and Priscilla Shirer available now on December seventeenth for decades our nation's public education system has been dumbing down our citizens students have been graduating high school without any idea of what it means to be an American so Florida governor Rhonda Santa's decided to do something about that announcing plans to enforce a government civics requirement for every.

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