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Giving a ton of credit to Seahawks GM John Schneider for reeling in a huge fish without using much bait and I bring up John Schneider because he's a Saint Thomas guide his nephew Willie Schneider former full back at the university of Saint Thomas we've course cure the games here on C. C. O. Willys out work in Seattle with the Seahawks organization but John Schneider MP Carol there the example of what you want with the head coach and the GM there in sync there in tandem they don't always agree you don't want to always agree but they work out their disagreements for the better of the team and they get themselves on the same page and I think Pete Carroll has done a marvelous job of building the Seahawks back up they had the legion of boom a few years ago they won a Super Bowl over Denver and they came also close against New England the ill fated Pascall by Russell Wilson and the Malcolm Butler interception at the goal line if that doesn't happen if they give it to be smoke marshon which they may win two straight super bowls they bottomed off a bit now they're back on the upswing they made the playoffs a year ago and you add Clowney to an aggressive defense as it is that's a huge move for Seattle and I guarantee everybody around the end of seat has taken note of this deal yeah hammer stole hammers doing cartwheels in Hennepin Avenue yeah he he is really pumped up and there were getting a word that Chris Thomas who covers of likes for the pioneer press reporting on Twitter the Vikes could put curry vet Vic on the practice squad and the punters kickers really put in that spot Jonathan Lowe is told us she McCoy cut by buffalo how about that that's a big move because he's a guy that certainly is a lot of success in the NFL with the eagles and the bills and Washington the vet Vic thing if accurate that's basically saving their bacon they gave up a fifth round pick the Baltimore form the Vikings can ill afford to let him go but to happen make the practice squad that is not good all right so we got more Blake start coming up the open against Atlanta a week from tomorrow chords first pitch and relate from the fair at four are twins pregame show at four thirty is a take on the Tigers we have the news and the weather then more from the fair.

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