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But you you've really like fiction than you like to read a good novel to sink into A. Lesson nicely, 'cause I read Bits of poetry. I. Already collection, but then I'll just sort of Kim not just my destiny little. Little Poem and that will keep me going 'cause. I'm like you I don't really I'm not a huge fan of novels I love fiction at. So my houses UNL-, some I love movies I mean the movie snob. But I think this the retrea into story. Can Be really comforting I think. In the power world. Expense. So it seems like you know the time view like you said hasn't been. So traumatic close. You can draw on your skills as an introvert on the other introverts I've spoken to ally slime ascribed. The right. Huge since to deal with by the not saying people isn't the big problem. took. took. On. So have you done online teaching? I mean I have told other people who teach on this show 'cause I'm really interested in. Is it possible, translate such, vibrant, and interim relationship to the screen. Am I spoke to a friend of my Bramshill PGA WHO's The music producer his music production. And he they've got incredible technology and so. A, lot of his students because they're young and they're quite tech savvy. They have all been producing and recording separate staff all in their bedrooms in their houses and still doing stuff with this great energy they have been you know the bedroom album. They use technology in what they do. You know because they're in music production. So technology is the medium. And then I spoke to some other friends of mine and Amy Taylor has been on the show and she's an educator, but she works with little to room and she does up some storytelling. And her and her partner had been doing stuff online with children who onto school trying to teach them but a lot of this stuff is around making. So people will be making stuff in the home. So they're still a physical relationship even if they often contact but I think. Where something is about? Writing, and performing poetry, and there's something about the performance in the physical presence. and. I think the other thing is about zoom in particular. It's about being seen. It. It's all eyes on you. So there isn't any way to hide skulk. On sometimes, that hiding and skulking is important you. So it sounds like that, Spain. One of the most difficult things of lockdown than. Disengagement, but you're calling on the students.

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