New York, Harvard, Marie discussed on It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders - Race, Identity, and Performance in Danzy Senna's 'New People'


Is a much nicer way to put it that is because it if i recall correctly for his you you said la is so boring that your imagination becomes your life yeah no i mean there's another down time and sort of you're not as and over stimulated by humanity as you are new york but i i think it's a good thing and i meant it in the best possible where one more question about place and then we'll get to the heavy stuff you reference in the book one of the characters a world through the kurds actually live in graduate housing near harvard i believe right yeah the mother gloria reiter area there yeah in this graduate housing that you compared to a prison are you talking about peabody terrace yeah i think i used their why god it does little kind of like a prison right it's really well yeah that's hilarious but i mean this is what i loved about the book so much like every other page i was like okay that's my life that's oh my god she got me because like you know one of the big themes in the book is how black people people who see themselves as black how they constantly figure out into fine and the search their blackness and in the book marie is having a tough road of it because of the color of her skin but when i thought about more you know i am a black person who you see and you know than a black right away.

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