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50. Yeah. Alan, you're at two, right? And then ninja is at 50. How much do you owe me a hundred? Hundred. Oh boy. MrBeast wakes up with the king and the king. So, let's observe the scenario. How much does Alexandra have? That's important. She has 246 K. How do you get 246 K into the pot playing 102 hundred. So I do know mister beast plays very absurd. I've watched a few hands of his from earlier in this room and he plays blatantly absurd. And if you play blatantly absurd, I think the right play to do here, given that I've seen him acting early, he's like, all right, let's do it. And then just put in something like 80. That's gonna get called by Alexandra a lot. It fell helmet has anything, then he's probably gonna pop it in, right? Because he's seen MrBeast play in saying, I think the play here, I know it's gonna be hard to come up with this in game. It's to say, Bill, how much do you have? Knowing already Phil has 83 K, right? And knowing that Phil has 83 K, he goes, Phil, how much do you have? He's gonna take a minute, count out roughly 83 K, they say, I'll do that much and put in that much. As if you're trying to target fill, right? That will ideally make Alexandra, I think that you're not even paying attention to her for whatever reason. And that's gonna make her presumably overvalue whatever hands that she has, right? I realize again, that's very, very difficult come up with in real time, but I'm just trying to teach all of you again how to think about these spots. If you are playing in these loose absurd games, which believe it or not, I actually do happen at medium and high stakes, especially in home games. So there you go. Some people are saying some of these players are beginners. Yeah, I know that. I mean, but being a beginner is not an excuse for poor play, right? I mean, I guess it is an excuse, but it's not a good one. You just gotta realize that I'm attempting to show you things that people are doing incorrectly and also how to take advantage of things that people are doing incorrectly. And so anyway, mess that up. All right. So yeah, Phil, how much do you have? All right, that much. I wouldn't even say a number. I was like, put in like a hundred K or something. That'd be a pretty, pretty savage flag. Okay. After this, I'm just gonna give her you can transfer your dad to her and all over her three hours. Yeah, that's easier. I'll do it after. Well, yeah, no one has this made shit. So I'm just gonna go ahead and give her a hundred now. It doesn't matter. She also does 30,000. Okay, okay, MrBeast is trying to give back alone to Alexandra so that she has more money to lose to him in this hand. That's fantastic. And after this, I'm gonna give her one. I wish I had X if I have good luck. Oh, the good luck. Fuck it. We've been doing good. We gotta be kidding me. Back to Phil, easy, all in. Ten easy all in for filming what are you gonna do? Queens and kings. What do you have? Big bear? Good content. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. How are you? That was pretty good. How do you think she's up $800,000? I think she's a gangster, but still. I appreciate it. That sounds a little extra again. By the way, high correlation. By the way, if it goes, remember what Rey's call into the gun? Bill three best big. Alexandra's three best gigantic. Yeah, only 12, 1200 big wise deep. Odds understood to gigantic. MrBeast's cold calls Phil's not to put his money in. This was the Volt for the tent. It sucks, but what are you going to do? That's why I don't want to put in 30 though. You don't have to put in 8 or 9 or ten, and then be able to fold into save 20 K. I mean, I don't know. Our case study here. I don't think she's that good at chest though. Thanks a lot. Well, that was a conversation. That's on the difference. She's good, but you know. Bill Cole? Don't just call it. I hate the just call here. I think they just call us pretty bad. MrBeast's range is going to be wide open. Now I realize I realize that MrBeast has been playing a ton of hands. But here what you really want to have happen, I think, is for you to jam Alexander a call whenever she has. MrBeast then call her every as. And get all the money in. Because now what's going to happen is imagine imagine one of the players does have a skin in the flop comes whatever, 9 three two. You're not going to stack a skin anymore, right? What if they have ace Jack suited? Then, you know, you're not going to stack them. So you got to realize and fill out only 55 K more, 56 K more and pile is going to be humongous. He would rather get it all in. It seemed like a lot of people are complaining in the chat about Phil how much they're loving Phil helmet. You gotta realize. People who are very polarizing draw attention. There's a reason, John is a little is not the most popular video blogger or YouTuber in this space, because I'm not all that polarizing. Sure, some people don't like me. Some people love me, but polarization drives attention, whether it be good or bad. And it opens what you're trying to accomplish in life. I personally don't want to walk around with a bunch of people not liking me. Phil seems to not care all that much. Or maybe he does care, and you know, he just is doing what he's doing. But I am not here to discuss the merits of Phil Hamas behavior at the poker table. That's been discussed by plenty of people plenty of times. Anyway, a sex act. Check fold now for Phil. Check fold out from MrBeast. Caram poker. Oh, and what a thank you. Terrible flop for action. Notice by the way, if MrBeast had just done what I said, make it 80, fill the cold, gun back around to Alexander, she would have called, probably. And then they would have gotten a lot of money on. Maybe she went to jam for all I know, all right? Gonna kill all the action you'd think. Nobody likes the ace in the flop. 5000. All right. I would have literally never done this in my life. I don't know what Phil's trying to do here. What are you trying to induce a raise? I guess you don't want to check and have her jam with tens and then you fold out. That would be terrible. Maybe about 5 instead, they can maybe presume they're going to call with worse every time or call an underpay every time and you don't lose that much more money. This seems like torch in 5000. I mean, I think it's just an easy check fold, but whatever. By the way, huge thanks to the hustler Christina lie for making this stream letting us use their footage. We are not stealing this footage of some people do. Give us full rates to use the footage as we see fit. So thanks to them for that. Yeah, she'd like $25. By the way, with Thames here, you got a call. It's an underlying spot, but if you put in 5, you can conceivably win a ton if you do spike a ten, right? You're getting amazing product. I was getting 20 to one pot on plus implied on here. Remember all of these too, same thing. Yeah. King's still good. Yeah. This feels still betting. I'm like trying to remember what I had. What is now a 124,000 MrBeast? Gonna win this 91% of the time. 9 of hearts doesn't change that. I like when Phil does it. Oh. Check, check, check, and MrBeast wins a huge one. Everybody. Is that ace versus that I would have gotten so much harder? Here at all you. We did. Bill, how'd you not go all in pre fun?.

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