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No there was there was plays. That had an interesting honestly, England, just went crazy. It really did. And it was hard for like a guy who supports Wales to see all of this. You know, all of this Englishness all over the place puts them. Yeah. It went nuts in the nearly as well. I was like that Croatia match. I just wanted to French English, you know, hundred years war final. And it would have been phenomenal. Have one seminar on that was something together. Also, a pretty sure yeah. I pretty sure I skipped a lot this classes. I didn't was about that was a that was a very drug time. Yeah. It was it was a different time. So my last question, this is just a an American asking a British a British person. What is the number one thing that Americans get wrong or say, what is a term aside? Soccer. I know you guys. Hey, us going soccer. Then you'll hate that. We do as American journalist covering football. Ooh. That's that's a difficult one. Like, honestly, I'm quite support guys because like football such a wonderfully global sports that you know, I I don't really subscribe to this. You know American, but it comes to suck up because thing sucker of football, right? Even slip. That was that was terrible. Who Ooh. we We won't won't tell tell anyone. anyone. Okay. It'll be out. Trust me. I think I think Brits, it's the accent. I don't think you could you could say all of the right terminology. But I think it's the accent that gets the British. I really do. I know it is funny. Like, I even me as an American I hate Alexi Lalas and these Americans commenting, I like, the nice like Lee. Arlo whites Lee Dixon. You know what? I mean. I feel like I need that British calm. You know, like riff because it feels like Americans are just talking too much because they're so used to American sports where you're supposed to talk the whole time. They don't. I feel like the British let things breathe, you know, let things build up, and it's all like, cool, calm and collected red wine. Yes, exactly where British humor. Like, all right. Here comes has down the wing where Americans are like he's going. He's going like, you know. What scares British people? And I don't include me self in. This scatter cutlery is kind of the power of American is is quite big and the Trix of American sports. You know, if football takes off in America than it has the potential, you know, in thirty years time, depend on how the game develops the really a real major player and that scares the head of everybody in Britain because we're so in our our legal, and yet, it's very popular. I think the idea of the player on the world stage, doesn't it doesn't appeal to many Brits. All right last last question James is the Premier League the best league in the world. No the league of siblings in the best league in the world. It's. You wanna see you need to watch leave on some of the football. It sits out stunned. I would say I'm a it's difficult. I'm a big fan of the Spanish league. I don't think it's competitive as the from the league, but in terms of technical passing football. I think it's it's it's exceptional. But I mean, there's a good leagues depends. What you like it's like, it's like sued. Isn't it depends? What you like? If you if you like defensive grits than the Italian leagues are probably few Syria. If you like good technical pulsing football than, you know, spends probably for you. But if you like she drama, and you know, anything happen to anybody can anybody the firm leagues, probably for you. And then if you want to see one team all teams dominant, and then the French league is really does. Depend what you like. Yeah. I mean, that's a good way to think about it. Like, I get a nice spicy meal. You know, I go over to England get a what's it called again? The blind date. So right, Jane, and you shouldn't you know, you shouldn't be shouldn't restrict yourself. You wouldn't restrict yourself to one one sorry, one type logger or one type of food. So, you know, why should you restrict yourself to get around? I can't say I reject anything. It's twenty eighteen try everything. Yeah. Exactly. All right, James..

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