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Welcome to the bernardi poker show here on January 25th. I hope you have been enjoying our interviews of the 2021 WSOP bracelet winners, of course we had on gershon distant last week who won the 1500 shootout. We had on Josh Ari, the 2021 WSOP player of the year who won the 1500 plo and also $10,000 ploy low 8 or better championship. Of course, we had cry Al demir the main event champion himself this week. We have another champion. And in the year where there were multiple bracelet winners who won more than one bracelet, this gentleman was among those winners. Danny Lazarus took down not only the 3200 no limit high roller in the WSE online in July, but also won the $1500 millionaire maker. He defeated a 5326 entries to win the $1 million prize. Great story, he beat Daryl rancon heads up before the title and now he has two bracelets. It is a amazing year as we've talked about Josh Arye winning two bracelets we're gonna have on a Scott ball in the coming weeks who won two bracelets also Dan Lazarus. Anthony Zeno also was a guest who won two bracelets. He was an incredible year back to 2000 is when this record is in effect where one person has won at least multiple bracelets during a year and this year set the record for the most times this happened Danny Lazarus is one of those people. Winning the millionaire maker, we will talk with him when we return here on the Bernard Lee poker show. Hi, this is Matt savage, the executive tour director of the world poker tour. Hi, this is Kristen big knell. Three time female GPI player of the year. Hi, this is Vincent Patton. Hi, this is Jonathan little. This is Joe hassam. Hey, this is Chris moneymaker. Congratulations, but gnarly on 14 years. Amazing accomplishment. Look forward to the next 14. 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We ended the year with karate. Champion of the WSOP main event. But we're continuing more and more interviews with players that one major events. And this event has been one of the favorites for the players over the years, just due to its name. Everyone wants to be a millionaire. Everyone wants to have that massive 7 figure score and this gentleman can live to tell the tale. He is the 2021 WSOP millionaire maker champion, but he is also part of that group in 2021 that set the record for the most winners multiple winners in the same year since 2000 we have had a champion who has won two bracelets in the same year. All the way back to 2000. But this year set the record for the most not only only on live, but there were multiple players that won one online and also one one live. And our guess this week did just that one a high roller online, and then one of the millionaire maker lives. So congratulations and welcome to the show Danny Lazarus dating. Thanks for joining us here. The Bernard Lee poker show. Thanks, Ben. Appreciate you having me. It's a crazy step, getting to realize that when you mention that before, it's how many people won with the fields getting so much harder. But I'm just happy to be here. It's been a good 2021 was great. Looking forward. 2020. Not only two bracelets, but you get the millionaire one. I mean, that's the one that if you're gonna play a kind of a mid stage 1500 event, there's the one that you want to win because usually the largest winning check that you're going to get. Second place was half a million numerous players obviously in this event itself. But you also won the 3200 no limit high roller online as well in July before we get to all of that though. I would love to understand kind of your background in the world of poker because, you know, we talk with a lot of players. They've grinded for ten years. They've grinded, you know, since the money maker days, et cetera, et cetera, but you really haven't done that. You really haven't played for many years. You're 31 years old, even if you're playing since, you know, you're 21, there's only been ten years, but you really haven't done that for many years, right? That's correct. Yeah, I kind of started really late. I mean, I was introduced program young. I actually went to sleep late camp and used to play in the play hold them in the coming copy room, but I wasn't very good. But around four years ago or so, I was just kind of looking for something new to learn that required skill and you can kind of learn game theory to get better at. And I was between chess poker and I messed around for a little bit, got really interested in the game kind of just don't head first and now four years later, I did accomplish some things I never thought were possible. So.

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