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Tell me Laron is no stranger to controversy. I have a question for the self righteous Hollywood liberal, Tommy Laremy Laron, Tommy, Tommy Laremy, Larry. Welcome. Tommy, Larry this country the country that you have so much. Disdain that allows you the right to speak your mind. Protect your rights. He'll whiny indulge attention seeking. Why did? My name is Nigel Jason hammer is here. We'll go speak to the Highland and bring on Tommy Laron from Fox News and FOX nation dot com. Tommy happy new year. How are you? Happy new year guys. It's going to be a good one. It's gonna be interesting for sure we'll start with. We'll start with Bernie Sanders apologizing for these these allegations of sex harassment within the inner workings of his two thousand sixteen campaign. You know, male staffers preying on female employees e claims he didn't know anything about it. But he went on Anderson Cooper. Instead, he sorry. So it's everything's okay. Because he apologized. So something tells me, you know, there aren't going to be any demonstrations or protests or calls for him to step down. What do you think? Really simple for those molested anytime. You're accused anything. They simply Paul everyone forgets about it. And then they're on their merry way. Not. So with those of us on the right? But I think it's really funny for those on the left, especially those social warrior type like Bernie Sanders when this happened within their own campaign because then it really puts Messina rock and a hard place, and all they can do is apologize fitting them, no one. Really cares. They can do anything they want. The like, I don't think I personally don't think Bernie Sanders needs to step down. But they've set their own precedent. This unlike alls, I want is a little bit of consistency here, and there's absolutely no consistency. When it comes to this type of thing. Absolutely not. And I think that anytime you have a big organization or a big campaign have a lot of staffers and a lot of young this kind of stuff is bound to happen. This doesn't shock me. That doesn't surprise me. Of course, any allegations that needs to be taken seriously. But for those that immediately called for everyone to step down and resign pulled their horses on that because it could really come back to bite them in the by Tommy Jason hammer here and staying on the subject of potential twenty twenty nominees from the left here. What was your take on? Elizabeth Warren's I'm connecting with the young people Instagram live video or grandma shot gunning. Some brew. Yeah. Well, you know, Elizabeth Warren I like to call her chief Elizabeth. Candidate me at all. Heard that she was launching her exploratory committee. You know, I thought it was really interesting that Elizabeth Warren we'll be exploring anything and as I said yesterday in my final thoughts. No word yet. If Lewis and Clark Welby joining. We're still awaiting those. Looking forward to the next stuff eight-foot live video, and my you know, I tuned in you know, what's funny is that for years. We heard the left say all the Republican party nothing, but stodgy old white guys and the first to name for talking about today, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, good Lord. This could be the next cast.

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