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Eight easily within just a month after you plan plus these flowers a come on consistently through the entire summer and they like to be fed and liked to be watered that's man the villa now when you go to buy mandeville you'll also see sold along with it diplomat deeming a diplomat deemi is amanda villas they're all manda villas but summer dip of demons these do tipple deem his are the ones that stay smaller usually the leaf was a little smaller kind of a glossy leaf smaller flower little more controlled that's not what i'm talking about i'm talking about the good old fashioned oust upon i think is one of the most common was out there but large leaft a big pink flower remand the villa vine and that thing old is for a trellis on a fence in full son as an annual vine it's a tropical some some people tried over winner and bring it back on the next spring but i say planted is an annual cutter bangladesh diana over the in the fall planet in the spring time ago from there that's one of the best things you can't beat the bang for the buck that thing and tropical high biscottis on your patio or deck are two of the best or a you know tropical plants for flowery and grateful which for all summer you can't beat it hey also remind you keep plant planting you know we are in june it is the middle of june is starting to get a little harder to water little bit more often but on the same token keep planting plenty of time to plant plenty of time to plant that garden plenty of the plant time to plant trees and shrubs if you by chance have a lotta suckers coming up now round the supplants and you're seeing that now the little growth coming up around the bottom that you just tired of cutting off all the time dover forget there's a couple of products out there for you that helps to stop that for ya sucker punch and sucker stopper and you'll find both.

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