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Show happy george awad couldn't stand up well i don't know for a third of two related anyway uh laura midnight then of was twenty two twenty and other stand on this so i shut evolved another course woke up about an hour later to home what happened to them what happened was when you fall asleep by twenty two twenty at that point alabama had already made a furious comeback they trail thirteen nothing at the half and nick saving one of the gut gotti is calls i'm in in the history of sports elects the bench his quarterback that have won twenty six of 28 starts in favor of a freshman that daily played too will tackle the old who everybody's talking about today and he brought them back 2020 on obama had a chance to win the game at the end of regulation they missed a field goal that sent the game into overtime rule of law long krill oil what about thirty nine yards normal it all goes into overtime georgia on their first possession they get a field goal to go up 23 twenty which means alabama must score right of the game is over but first down this young quarter get sacked loses a ton of yardage now they got a second and forever outside the george yeo forty down by three in overtime when this transpired but all of our god thoughts throughout alibaba of water that's the georgia call here's the most tory alabama coal back here give yourself a chance on third down here's stepping two two two million hubbard alabama the improbable win behind a freshman quarterback twenty six twenty three in one of the ratings were a played another the golden globes while they were down a significant amount from a year ago a million bow twenty twenty million to nineteen this year.

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