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It's just a different way like once you now has it doesn't mean you can't eat the foods that you love. I mean that's not sustainable. And probably the most realistic health coach. I always interest room for wine cheesecake unhealthy stop you know our. but but the other part of the food is that it's no longer physically possible to get all of the nutrients that your body needs just from the foods that you're eating even if you're eating a perfect guy. So tons of reasons for that that we woke into but you know like seventy years ago sure. But it's not anymore and so then it means. Taking a good quality supplement becomes a necessary of being having excellent health too because like I said, your body's got all these functions that it needs to do, and usually the the vitamins and minerals kinda get used up with each step of that and there's not enough to do it. Then it's kind of just doing the bare minimum and that's when they repair doesn't happen and the elation keep stop and then you get that cumulative. Aches and pains and you know symptoms of aging radio so. Absolutely this is wonderful feedback. Thank you so very much I away smart to take a look into. Your daily routine and so people can look at us. We'll look your the coach what does the daily block for you? well, I at the eighty twenty rule. Took me sometimes getting too when you're feeling it is a little bit more. I, definitely have a handful of vitamins a couple times a day which are more like I'm like you know what it's..

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