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See his face as a very very serious thing so when we have these wrestlers come and I do what I think is my due diligence I talked to the wrestling people around here it is a wrestling contingent around here and I text with Evan Roberts and I go up to tax so taz of CBS sports radio fame is get ready for a show I gotta say we got Cain Velasquez we got Rey Mysterio coming in good job on your part yes very smart right yeah I mean look and you know looking for stuff and get it all set for this yeah so he goes to me taz very seriously because I had no idea okay with ideas and second a tad says to me very seriously he does say listen I know you a ball buster okay your ball buster that's my converse nation why did that yeah I don't know I did that was very strange I just busted the game I can do you have a taz abroad don't apparently I don't know why I wanted to Mike that was very strange okay because taz was so serious with me just that so he says I know you you're a ball buster doesn't normally happen and he's in do not make fun of the mask do not make fun of that mask and I said I wasn't plan on making fun of it you know those dates very seriously that's gonna be disrespectful to not disrespect mask don't miss it while I I would say the same thing right and I wasn't going to but we do have to lucha libre masks here in our office do any of those masks and I want to sign of respect no no that would be like this that would be that would not be to go over well no why not though I thought that that would be a sign of respect it's like think so like given by the way Cain Velasquez is he he fought UFC yeah you know because of him off either why don't you just why explain this to me why would I be pissed him off is not a mock it's paying homage ID ID give you said that if you said to him do you mind if we wear the masks wall you wear the masks and if he's cool with that then I'm cool with that okay but I'm not doing it without getting the okay first all right fine so when they said that one of those things are going to fit my head anyway well I've got a big **** had to like we can get it on there's no problem here you wanna try now try it now before they get here yeah we got here will point per month you know who sent those masks to me yeah I know eight three in Belleville Hey dad yep no but send them direct from Amazon he no he did not in also some a some wrestling belts you got to put it into your over your eye holes geo way there we go that is the first work there you go perfect what do we talk about in the book it's all there there yeah I know what you think yeah you want to tie for Jesus.

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