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We always enjoy the conversation with Brian Callahan, the Bengals offensive coordinator, and they will go back to it. The game playing that Brian and Zack and that offense put together. No. In previous weeks, he wondered. Are they really gonna ask Ryan family that throw it 30? 35 times that can't be. They created an offense last night that that worked and they stuck to it. What I think Geo ran the first five plays of the game. They ran Geo limited success on that, but they didn't bail from it. They stuck with it and made it work doggedly determined. No question about it and If Ryan family had thrown 35 times, we've been sacked 10. I mean, the over under would have been 10. Yes, I mean, and they knew it. They do it. I mean, they have seen it. 19 attempts seven sacks, You know, prior to that football game, and that's not the blitz. Berg Steelers coming off the edge, You know, I mean, so it's like, what are we doing? We cannot do that to Ryan Finley and our football team, and really The game plan that they came up with other facets of it had to be so good, including the defense. First and foremost defensive to support is conservatives. They were going to be offensively The defense had to give them some opportunities with short fields, and they did it. Bottom line is, I thought going to the game as I was doing my stuff on Monday afternoon, when you have all that time from one night football, I started talking about the running back the quarterback run package to myself, then to my wife, and then and then I said, You know what? If they do, and it's the Bangles play their a game and Pittsburgh brings their C game. They have a shot, and that's exactly what happened. Pittsburgh Spit the bit cough the football up. Bangles played their a game offensively defensively, specially, they were said they were solid in all three phases. So it was the perfect storm. I mean, they this game unfolded, maybe on Lee way that it could have unfolded for them to do what they did on Monday night football against the Pittsburgh Steelers. And I think back a week ago, sitting here towards the end of the show, we were looking ahead of this game, and we were somewhat joking and the whole Hogan Hogan package because we've seen his wheels and what Russia 107 against the Bengals. We wondered if there might be a Hogan sighting last night, But Ryan family with his wheels got it done, and he's got first his career Hogan Kevin Hogan has 18 Russians, 176 yards and a touchdown, almost 10 per and, as you said, the test on came against the Bangles and over 100 of it came against the Bangles, and I think they were prepared. They had to be holding. This is the beauty of the game plan. Is it fit Kevin Hogan as well? If Finley had been smoked on one of those hits and couldn't play and had to take it, right? Yeah, something to run us his Hollywood throwing it holding to run it. He's proven he can run it, so it wasn't like I have to have one game plan for this quarterback. Another game plan for that. Perfect game playing for both quarterbacks, no matter if there's injury or not. So for a lot of reasons, you know, thinly instead of shelter with Finley and Whole gun No, Schultz was necessary. Yeah, well, I loved you drop on this. That on Brian Callahan and his reaction. You know what? You just telling me now? That geo stat. What is it? 12, 1 and 1111. How about that, when he runs for 50 has 15 attempts or more in the running game. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. And I mean, you look in the end, they put up 27 points and had I said to you a week ago tonight. They'll put up 27 against the Pittsburgh Steelers with Ryan Finley quarterback and you would have probably looked at me like I had a couple of heads. I would have said whatever you're drinking or smoking. Give me something. All right, No doubt. We're just getting revved up in this hour. We talked a lot about Giovanni Bernard. We're gonna hear from Geo and and his effort. 25 carries 83 yards and also the catch for 14 yards a couple of touchdowns. We'll do that. As we continue. You're gonna hear from Josh Bynes, Lou and a room. Oh, will set up the defense for us and our number three. Thanks for hanging out with us. Tonight. It's Bangles line on the Bengals Radio network, 700 wlw and Fox Sports 13 60. It's Anthony Moon knows Mike's car washes.

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