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Ron in meriden ron good morning good morning warriors her yes how are you i'm pretty good morning i feel good you know little rows and but you know what did you say giving you a little hard time because they they know you can take it i don't mind go ahead i just wanted to mention you know what the state of connecticut having so many financial problems and the last couple of days the weather being the way it was reported i noticed that there's a lot of plow trucks on the road state of connecticut plow trucks but they're not doing anything and actor later scraping their plow blades on the road i don't know but let me just say let let me just say this to you rod and i'm going to say this to you you might not agree with me right think that those folks that are in those trucks done outstanding outstanding job all season long i'm not i'm not saying nothing about that i'm only talking about right now and i've noticed and i'm not going to give any locations but the last two nights i see a guy in an orange state of connecticut plow truck up diesel fuel sleeping in his truck hanging out not doing nothing getting paid so there you go well was there any snow plow there well all right but you i don't know if you know this or not but i do they when they distribute trucks if it doesn't happen it's scott haiti took a day off i guess i know but between the hanging around and not in the last two nights that's just one cloud drive around me either hey look get ron ron ron you can find fault all you want all right i'm not going along with that because i know why and everybody thought everybody thought it was going to be you heard the reports it was gonna be on but now what if what if they said well let's not let's not go out because it it might not snow can you imagine what would have happened brad i argue with you i just can't but i just taken a point that's all i'm saying i wanna leave you.

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