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To pass this legislation that would ban gun from school grounds cases city councilman john laney have been trying since february to get a version of the resolution passed but it was tabled after none of the republican members of the ordinance committee would make a motion to considerate laney is not a member of the committee and could not make the motion himself about three dozen people turned out several had implored the committee to at least debate the resolution and not let it die silently robert santer uri noted the council is taking positions on a proposed power plant varreville and and a federal immigration policy because you guys debate state issues all the time he said at least hold a vote at least discuss it please allow discussion ramsey davis said some one second promotion so we'll know where you stand committee chairman christopher paople lakas said that as chairman he was unable to make a motion he deferred two others on the committee council president michael farina said he didn't make a motion because there's no bill before the general assembly to endorse adding that he wanted to see the wording before voting he said he supported banning firearms from schools but said he needed to know details like how it defined school grounds which you were just talking about and whether the definition referred only to the buildings or to the park parking lot or twelve or athletic field now could fall anything anything anything i know so um the well this is what the moms demand in uh the coalition against gun violence here in rhode island chaired by a knee and her ruin linda fan uh this is what they've been doing this has been their mission for a couple of years now they've been going around to all the school committees are how my town remember every town you her for against gun violence this is uh this is by michael bloomberg thing when the mayor thing failed miserably because all the mayor she added busted with illegal guns and everything like that he had uh he had to do something else he's like while and we get involved with.

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