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Credit union formally American Eagle credit union their new name says it all together credit union the U. S. house as you heard on CBS news has convened to vote on two articles of impeachment against president trump Missouri congressman Lacy clay says he will vote to impeach or is repeated abuse of power his deliberate obstruction of the houses constitutionally mandated oversight responsibilities and his own present their misuse of the presidency clay says the president's actions have weakened the separation of powers Illinois Republican John Shimkus visiting his son in Tanzania and says he would vote no on impeachment saying in a news release I'm disappointed to miss these votes but not embarrassed I'm embarrassed he says that they're even happening Missouri Republican congressman Blaine looked Meyer is calling it a political charade that is tormented the country for nearly three years if there was ever any doubt that this entire illegitimate investigation is one percent politically motivated earlier this month speaker Pelosi actually admitted the impeachment process began two and a half years ago US senator Roy blunt predicts an equally partisan result in the Senate if the vote to impeach president trump in the house is as partisan as he believes it will be looking ahead to twenty twenty one told came what's his marker in the president's trial in the Senate could start quickly won't ask you for each year when we start on Thursday the second game or is sixty seven is that likely dangle to star on the seven day which I mostly last month in January senator one sells them lead they will need that time to ensure both sides can be heard equally and then whether there's anything else they need to hear game likes news time for five if Missouri doesn't give local MLS ownership thirty million dollars in tax credits where will the funding come from came what's is breaking a spoke with some singles county lawmakers councilman mark Carter says it's unfortunate the state said yes to the tax credits initially and now it's now they may have to put it back on the local owners to to find out maybe they might have to come up with more money if the state doesn't stop up councilman Jim Fitch believes local M. L. S. ownership we'll be looking for county funding to make up for the state and the state doesn't grant those tax credits I don't expect that they will move locations to the county however I loved offer up the former Chrysler side in Fenton as a location Fitch sensing was county can not granted tax credits for something being built in the city however the county could issue some sort of bond but I was surprised that they don't come to us to begin with quina St Louis's newsradio camel accent was my lot of Chris and doesn't think the soccer deals falling apart and believes it will still happen well you know we're certainly still in conversations with the state you know this is a four hundred million dollar plus million dollar project that is over ninety percent privately funded very good for the city of Saint Louis we're hopeful that the state will reconsider the US dispatcher porting governor Parsons administration killed the plan before the development finance board that would allow the thirty million in tax credits it is unclear still have the lesser amount offered by the state of six million could affect the time table for the project this programming note for you the holiday radio show can be heard by going to K. mikes dot com and clicking on podcast we also have a gallery of pictures from last night's performance the Jefferson bank and trust business desk the trail that would connect Franklin County to western Missouri one step closer to reality the state of Missouri could acquire land along the former Missouri central railroad company line that runs one hundred and forty four miles from both Ford west of union to Windsor in Henry county from there it would connect with the Katy trail before the land can be transferred nine point eight million dollars needs to be raised by trail supporters it could cost up to eighty five million dollars to develop the trail Brian felt in Saint Louis is news radio came axe the Dow from Steve again twelve points today closing at twenty eight thousand two hundred eighty we have traffic and weather together for you coming.

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