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This game that we couldn't race weekend or in tweets. Hangar is and the all down the dumps. We've had a good time. And that's that's what it's about. No the more so than you did gain a huge following from from that and you got the title of the people's champ. Obviously you know the like you said the the national title. It's it's not always in your in your hands. It's it's where you raise. How many cars you got there you know. It is a big huge. Formerly you gotta be a college graduate in mathematics to figure it all out but You did a phenomenal job. And we are proud to have you as a member of the race in virginia family. You represent this state extremely well whenever you go and wherever you go to ray so thank you for that and and thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to visit with us. Because we know you're super busy. I mean heck we took twenty minutes out of your time to get the hey up so hope we didn't screw you over the too bad now. Appreciate tell me. I own and We'll be talking after langley. Absolutely i'll i'll be there. We on pit road now muggy a couple more times for videos and some other content to so yes. Thank you mike so much for for spending your time with us and good luck on the rest of the season. Thank you man. What a what. A great guy. He is really a phenomenal dude. He came on the sport. Probably not as quick as as some but he has made a name for himself. That is for sure and we need to keep this this ball rolling. And we've we last last We we started a new segment called the commonwealth closer well. This week's topic is none other than race track food. And i'll tell you why because brandon got called out on twitter because he ate a south boston speedway baloney burger with lettuce and tomato and the foremost expert in south boston baloney burgers elliott sadler would be elliott sadler. Elliott happens to follow me on on the twitter machine and he saw my picture. So i'll tell you the story. This was my first this like i said earlier. This is my first race at south boston. I get up to the concession stand. And i'm waiting in line and and the nice lady at to counter essay. I'd like a burger please with grilled peppers and onions. And she says. Would you also like lettuce tomato. And i say you know what sure of lettuce tomato so i was documenting my entire experience at south boston on on my twitter channel my personal twitter and so i posted a picture of it on twitter and l. Well the foremost expert on baloney burgers. Solve this tweet. And he quote tweeted it and said who the hell puts tomato on sandwich. You want a double with grilled onions and peppers with extra mustard and he tagged south boston and he tagged chris rice in the tweet as well. Chris didn't say anything but todd. Bodine commented on it and said he must be a rookie talking about me and brett griffin took his longtime spotter elliott spotter. To what an idiot with the gift of will ferrell from wedding crashers. So of course. I didn't know i was doing other things in my my buddy mike of rain who i used to work with here. Richmond said dude you need to like elliott sadler a new picture of william berger. I'm like what the hell are you talking about. And then i looked i'm like oh my god and it would. The tweet was getting traction too. I was like oh no people are like. I think i'm an idiot. So i went. Well you well. I was ignorant wasn't an idiot. I was ignorant of the situation. So i went and i bought a double with grilled peppers and onions and extra mustard and i ate i ate the whole thing and i tweeted it out and elliot gave kudos for a job. Well done so i. I think. I absolve myself from the imb. The baloney embarrassment as it were and i will have learned to never ever make that tomato and lettuce mistake again. Thank god tomato. Now i won't hold on. I will tell you this you know. It's it's nice to have a double but if you go. There are some race tracks. Like virginia motor speedway and i must say that too loud but we have one hell of a baloney burke to get elliott to come out there and try it but it's it's a fairly thick baloney burger. It looks like a hamburger. It's so thick so mean track. Food is always. i mean. That's what a lot of people go to the racetrack yet. I mean part of the experience like you. Connect that food to your experience at the racetrack. And it gives you good feelings every time that you come back bill doors speedway got a bar rigor which lee which leads me. Leads me into my question for you for you dave. I mean you've been you've been to quite a different racetracks over the years What are some of your favorites that you've experienced in your travels to racetrax food bus southern national speedway and i think they still have. It is called a carolina burger. got chilly. pretty it's pretty good. Chilly chilly chilly on a cheeseburger. And forget what they call it. But eleanor has golly be up rosberg. Hard ohio man. They have some superfood and it's like teeth cafeteria style. It's not like you walk. You walk like you're going through the cafeteria a buffet and you tell them what you want. And they they hannity. Put it on your tray your little plastic paper and you move on the food. There is phenomenal. Really is and be honest with you. I will put this Someone said that there's a place what's the name of the track down and displaced down in georgia that the guy like pork chops and mashed potatoes a meal. And i mean you can literally go get a meal there. And i mean people. It's funny because people really if if you talk about their food at a racetrack they angry. They'll come back at you on social media via don't like it if you if you say something is better than that or yeah i get it because i mean people were territory with a few things in food is definitely one of them. Yeah but virginia. Speedway i will say our concession has got some really good food. The italian sausage good very good. I'm loney burger phenomenal.

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