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We're going to have a whole floor and Then we load everything on chip and newsbeat shipping containers and then they call up and say we're not gonna rent you so i we were scared of our minds and so aaron and i million mark reynolds flew immediately to kyla and -cerned voices and look where we could you know call church and You know we're just you know nothing's working and finally this church agreed that we could rent it on sunday afternoons. And so know. We came back all happy and everything. And all whenever ten fifteen days later I'm on my way to the airport to meet earnings their family our family. Let's stop by the old church. The hope chapel. Hermosa beach deceived by mail newsletter. From this this church and different people than the ones we had Active and they said basically. Don't come here in basically set it clearly that. We don't need your kind of christians in hawaii and so so then we get the airport and the kind of nicely happen but was kind of weird. We're we're all on. The airplane have overbooked and members standing around and inside can had long kind of bit. So i don't see. Don't take the seat in those days I don't think they had a signed receipt. And so we just left standing all all you know only only so. I got two kids. He's got two kids times. There's eight of us the us off the plane for twenty four hours. We all got a free round trip ticket back to the mainland. Which was really good kind of scared going. And it's like a nice thing to have in your back pocket. Then we land the next day and there's a hurricane watch and i just can't go worse and and we have no place to meet and and so that was kind of my memories of getting air. We we'd been on the radio for a while. Just we thought we'd in the radio wants removed. They're just kind. you know. Get some kind of momentum going and the greatest kind of off and so we started getting phone calls to you know we had we advertised church. Phone number was my house and so the end of the radio broadcast said you're interested. Promised to love you. As is this number. All ring at my house. Church was on the beach and it was against the law. So it's crazy days erin As you guys started started to kind of walk this this new church plant out. What do you remember recall about. Maybe some things you were learning as a new leader ought working alongside ralph some of those things that you learned that are fundamental to Beginning new work. Oh that's a. that's a tough one. What i was. I i started learning early on was that there were there. Were two distinct roles and one of those roles. I was not made for toward. Did i ever wanna be the man standing in front of everybody talking. Therefore that left be with being a servant to that guy and i remember sitting in telling him one time that look. You can do whatever you want. But if you cross any lines and i'm outta here you know like if you go off into left feel i'm gonna. I'm going to leave. Now there'd be times he you'd be right on the edge in some even put his foot on the other side of it and then because at this point we're a part of denomination that has sort of strict rules.

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