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Microsoft murray's book brand storytelling putting customers at the heart of your brand story. Recently won a stevie award for the book of the year category for women in business. I invited mary to the podcast. Because i believe firmly. That brand is often underdeveloped competency in most organizations in this episode. You'll learn the elements of a great story had to build an integrated marketing plan with story. And how storytelling could sit at the center of your marketing and branding strategy in addition mirian. I discuss her amazing journey overcoming poverty migrating to the united states building her career and her roles and success at microsoft as we looked optimize for success in twenty twenty one. I hope you listen and learn from this amazing guest myrie. Welcome to the podcast. Thank you so much. I'm so excited to be here. I am so excited to have you here today. You and i were introduced through a mutual friend at microsoft day prior leads the voices for innovation group that i'm part of and you've had an outstanding career microsoft as storyteller an author of a terrific book and now you head up the global internships at microsoft. And we're both here in south florida by the way which we could be doing this in person. But because of circumstances we can't so i'm really excited to have you as a guest today on ultimate guide departing. I love it. And i'm supposed to be in seattle but nobody needs to be in seattle at this moment in the wintertime. A lot of people are doing drink or did they just move royals because we can. We're all working remote today. It's been a time like no other. Is i describe it. I would love to spend a few minutes on you and your roles at microsoft. Can you tell our listeners. A little bit about you and your journey. Absolutely so as you said. I either the inter program at microsoft. I sit in. Hr never did. I think i would be an hr in an hr function in any company actually admitted my career. Four times within microsoft. We were just talking about. How awesome is organization is where we can just bring unusual in untraditional career paths into into an organization. Like this intact. But i do that. And i also serve as a storyteller so i actually i serve as someone who teaches storytelling within microsoft functions. Different types of org within microsoft to for everyone to learn their story to tell the microsoft story in neon..

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