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You have a card this is it this is when you can either let something happen or make it happen with your professional custom card from Vistaprint right now you can get five hundred business cards personalize the way you want them starting at just nine ninety nine you pick the look the style and the statement he wanna make in a moment now is the time to make something happen for your business so only now with five hundred custom business cards starting at nine ninety nine a Vistaprint dot com just use promo code ninety four ninety four that's Vistaprint dot com promo code nine four nine four tell your Google assistant to play one oh four three my FM on I heart radio when we started this podcast I read a lot of true crime I thought I knew what I was getting into but I wasn't prepared to stop sleeping and for these all too real monsters to visit me in my nightmares from my heart radio and tenderfoot TV monster presents insomniac I heart radio is number one for podcasts but don't take our word for it find monster presents insomniac on the I heart radio out wherever you get your podcasts I heart radio is where you'll find all your favorite music all your favorite stations and all your favorite podcasts like mine on affairs than qualified to hear more from this week's episode coming up in just a few right here on one of four three my FM when I was you still owed as men was enough and the need to learn on the back of the I mean when she's singing on I yeah everything suddenly the ten twenty in the series friends and thanks I just sing I season you would us and knows Hey it's on affairs and all this hour I'm here on one of four three my **** and with the best clips of my podcast on affairs and qualified please stick around and you could always hear more with the I heart radio at four three my FM thanks for being here this is unfair schism qualified on I heart radio this.

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