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Be able to give back to the Elizabeth Glaser aids foundation. And the Elizabeth Taylor foundation through the years has been a. Blessing at. It's been it's helped me as far as what I can do for Stevie and keeping Steve's memory alive. So yeah, thank you for than that, Robin Lim. Well, thank you so much weight heart for asking that. T-bird? Lemme ask you this question from John who says these players are placing tremendous priority on strategy and making big moves. It seems like that this is coming at the expense of a strong social game giving your friendly in vibrant personality. Do you think any of these players can win in the absence of strong social game can play like Joe or Aubrey swoop in at the end with better emotional connections to the jurors and grab up the vote at tribal council. Are you seeing anybody playing a great social game t-bird? All right. Aubrey one thousand million Trillium percent again. I've mentioned already in the podcast how she's bonded with that group over there. The jury in if the juries voting and the jury's been in watching all this drama play out that's going to their vote in the people in the jury our own education. They know how rough it is. So if Aubrey were to get back in the game, and I really think her social pull her in. And again, I do reference David Wright of skis. Well, David Wright. I'm Rick Devon's as well. I think Rick has had some powerful emotional moments, but they have made sense for the game play and how he was voted out but backyard, so I think the jury also that have been edge of extinction. If it's not pre that gets back in. I think those votes would go to Rick because they know what Rick spin through to get back out there. And then they've watched him trying to survive. Again through these juries, which is probably a reason why I've got Rick. So how my list, oh, that's right. Not so high. He's number one on my list. Okay. All right t-bird. John Tinkham wants to know can you please bring back worm Wednesday. John. I can't do that. Because what happened? I posted that picture in. I got real personal with this. Because girl said if you ever post anything like that again, I'm going to. Disconnect you what she's going to not just wipe left swats, white, right? She's gonna turn me on she going to block me. And I thought I didn't I thought that worm picture obviously, upset her. I didn't want to do that. I didn't hurt the worm John probably won't snot going to happen because I kind of promised it HAMAs the promises a promise. But what if you're you find out that your true fans want worm Wednesday to come back? Her to appeal to the true t-bird fans, and sort of just weed out the people who are just sort of casual t-bird fans. Rob your so, I guess I try to be diplomat about it. So John, what are probably do is our probably I live on a farm. I love to fish. I use worms because they're worms. Oh, this probably gonna go over. Well, I'd probably have a warm bed. And I was show my worm bed at that. Be my way a worm in for warm Wednesday, a worm you don't know what it work. Matt is. It's full of work. That's what it is. You make a worm bed and you put so much stuff you Google. It tells you how to make a world band. So you've got to do like dark. Yeah. Do it. Do it. Do it. Bit Do it. river. So didn't you bet your own worms when you go fishing because when people go fishing mail where they do they run by the bait store, they get some worms but down by the lake on the form. There's ways to have a worm bed, and you just fill it up with all kinds of stuff, and then you have your own worms. So I would probably get by with the have a worm bed for my fans that wanna be know worm Wednesday. You've never heard of a warm, but you're not from the country. Are you? No, I'm not. Well, warm band. Okay. I'm saying maybe you take a picture of the worm bed. Yes. What I mean? That's kind of how probably throw it in. Morris wants to know T bird who's complaining about you on Twitter now besides the.

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