Bobbitt, President Trump, Combs discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Who it's aimed at and they were they were the first to fire a shot on it their way out of the box on this republicans didn't think they needed to have any messaging at tax cuts tax cut everybody likes tax cuts not in twenty seventeen two thousand eighteen america not with as illinformed ill educated the american people are to them now tax cuts equals tax cuts for the rich only tax cuts for corporations even though they have much more disposable income and every paycheck so you heard the foreheads say they're going to run a net they're going to run on the why of tax cuts they're going to run on medicare they're going to run what else did he saving and run on bobbitt a tax bill social security what are the republicans threatened to cut social security or something no the republicans never do that but the democrats say they do every four years the democrats accused republicans of wanting to take away old people's homes all people's food old people's dogs take away their walkers in a takeaway social security every four years but why aren't they they have spent the last year the media has trying to convince everybody that trump is illegitimate trump's trump shouldn't even be president he stole it he cheated with the russians we got combs balk at commes memo's we got the muller investigation why aren't the democrats going to run on any you're listening to rush limbaugh voice on the right on the network rush limbaugh talk radio five sixty watered this.

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