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And I called it piles palace of arts and it had an ice skating rink because I love to ice skate and an Indian dance stage. And I think about that. Because I think I always realized how much passion was going to be at the center of my life. And I think I always just wanted to make sure I was bringing that to people. So I always think about my life, and my story about being about passion at the end of the day and always fighting for it. When even when I was at school I had to fight for a way to keep tabs on my life. Yes. I graduated I fought for a way to keep tabs on my life, and what class pass I believe in fighting for everyone else to keep their passion in their life. So when you were working at Bain and company in consulting, Mitch. So I came out of college went into investment banking yet, which is sort of if you're an econ major. It's kind of the path that you take where you either go consulting or banking, or at least it was back. Then when I graduated yet, and you to did you enjoy the work. So I think what's so amazing about consulting. And what I learned when I was at Bain is how quickly you can become smart on an industry. Right. Like, I think that tool kit of having that, and especially as an entrepreneur, I mean, you have to learn, you know, new jobs in new ways of doing things every single day new challenges new obstacles. And I think this idea of breaking down a problem in two days becoming an expert being able to meet with executives and four days and be able to say, I know your industry as well. As you do means that you need to learn how to become. Smart on something really quickly. And I really believe in the whole eighty twenty role of you know, try and get smart on the things that you need to ask quickly as possible and focus on what's important. And so I learned that tremendously when I was at Bain, and I think the big picture combined with the small picture stuff that you have to do as as an entrepreneur is a really important balanced to have because sometimes you get kind of caught up in the execution. But you keep a sense of where you're going, and I think because of also my dance company more tactical side, which we can talk about too. I learned both sides around the same exact phase in my life that gave me a sense of big picture. Plus, the how do you get stuff done because you can't start a company without knowing how to actually get things done? Yes. So I loved that. And then the last thing I think with consulting, and especially my bane class. Is there the people in my in my class and the network I got from Bain was incredible. And I mean, some of them are like Hayley Barna Birch box like Sam lesson who's at Facebook. There's amazing people Jeff raider Worby like it's just. Seizing that we all were in the same class until this day. We have each other to call, and you know, to ask for advice, and all of us have been on these journeys now for, you know, five to seven years, and it's amazing that we have each other to to talk to and that to me is that type of network is something I wouldn't have received. If I never worked at Bain. I couldn't agree with you more. I think about that with banking to where there were tools that I picked up. I think there's a certain level of credibility that you pick up. I also ended up meeting. My husband in the whole you go out really well on that front. So when people say would you do it again? Yes. I would do it all over again. But I'm glad that I left I left at two years. Yeah. I loved at three. And I think one of the interesting parts for me was while. I was there. I didn't stop dancing, and I think a really important part. So that right..

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