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Alexa. I say Alexa, enable the WB AP skill. Then to play say Alexa, open. WBZ AP. Wherever you want us. This more Christmas. That's good. I told you there's a formula that executive producer, Chris. It's a secret one that he won't share with anybody. It's like that Coca Cola recipe. They got locked up in Atlanta. You know that seriously? They do in the vault. And apparently, he's done the same thing. I guess the only other entity that has the combination or the information on that is the Texas broadcast hall of fame, which is on the lockin kisha. Anything happened to me? Or him. But. Menlo loss. In just a minute. We're going to get into a collie Ville is revenue roams around a guy who is homeless and giving them all this stuff. And I have issues with it. It seems to be like a hallmark Christmas movie. Which by the way, we're going to talk about those a little bit later on the show when they have a lot of fun with that that was the Wall Street Journal executive producer, Chris right love that that story on. I think the hallmark channel movies. We're going to have fun with that. I love that. Did you know that we might might? There could be a little snow in the area. Right. Did you hear that Brazil Chris in the in the in the on the weekend? Okay. He's gonna get mad at me and calming fake news. I'll get the details. It's from some local weather meteorologist on one of the new sites. Not fake news. Your fake news. Do we really want to do this? Now have that's on air spat haven't we had enough of these lately? Yeah. Come at me, bro. He says. He's my work spouse. So these things do come up, but my gosh, how unprofessional on the radio of all places. If you're just joining us this black lives matter. Black city council member Ian McKinney. Shawn Deehan chamois will arrested again this time for family continuous family violence, three separate family violence incidents against the woman and. By the way, the first arrest of the hat is not the one couple of months ago with the air several months ago with the cops in McKinney where he claimed was racism, racial, profiling until the until the video came out the body Cam video showing him that he was trying to abuse. His he was a he was abusing his power as a city council member saying, I know your boss, and none on the city council and all this kind of garbage and the city council, and the mayor of mckanie have refused to stand up to this guy because he's black the first black city council member seriously. And I've asked you on the radio who are you McKinney? Are you going to let this guy play you? Are you going to display the soft bigotry of look speculations by not standing up to someone because they're wrong? Just because they're black refusing to call them out you should. You know who else is is like this. Another black lives matter activists, isn't it? Funny. Here's another one that you need to hear about Dominique Alexander. The so-called minister Dominique Alexander. He's the leader of the leader of black lives matter for Dallas. He put together that rally that killed five are cops and downtown Dallas, the city city manager TC broad necks. First name is actually teaser teaser TC broad decks picked him to be on one of the one of the many people in the community to help advise the city council and the city on who to pick for the chief Dominique Zander. This minister. He's been arrested for a lot of things as life. Check kiting stealing car and stuff, but the worst he's been convicted of..

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