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Welcome to another episode of horrible decisions. We are here during the Corinthian. We are bringing you. The hosts it but today at a little bit of a healing type of conversation but this Girl Mandy Aka Peg Stallion Aka a bitch. Welcome to horrible decisions guy and easy and today I feel like this will be the most email mandy will get. I can't wait for them so they don't do that. Don't drag me for being a stars in loves you love you. I'm like losing her up. She trying to loosen them up. But no guys We do have a guest on today's episode and I unfortunately it's not in studio because somehow this is where our schedules aligned while. We're all just staying at home but today I want to introduce you guys to our guest. We have Fran from hey friend hey and also one third of the friend zone pocket. They bring lasting member to come on our show. Yes we've had Dustin Amazon say on you guys enjoyed Asante. Industrial on the show. This is their third counterpart. This is the balance is what the moon and stars I. We say the oil than in Salvi Olive against the Ula Terry. So let me ask you for just curious. I wanted to know your age. I feel like it gives a great context for Celibacy and just the maturation of what this conversation will be your age and your sexual orientation. I'm curious well. I am fluid and I will be thirty eight in two weeks. Actually Bitch Vit- right. Oh you didn't know girl she seasoned and I love. That's why that's why she's coming to teach our young. I'm just kind of get really upset when I'd be on instagram. And people talk about their age and it's older than me and they look better than me. I'd be like Oh man. Well you know I get a lot of sleep. I'm well rested Ho. It's me and Fran. We're actually almost neighbors Yes that's so crazy so you you know that I've been looking for a new place and in Brooklyn and I found an apartment. I love with an elevator opening into the unit and noticed that hers had it however freight in the two D. in Hercules. You know what I'm saying. I'm I'm a little young spring chicken and I would like to be where the Nigga that I mean. This is new for me too though. I lived in Harlem pretty much my whole life but then when you saw the apartment I was like I can't pass that up. It was beautiful enough for me to move my ass to Brooklyn. I'm glad you said beautiful because for me it was the flex I said off on instagram. Opening my elevator weird I feel. I don't know why feel weird. I posted maybe one story with Asante Dancing Elevator but for the most part. I'm like come on. I'm not going to use this and I guess that is the difference between us and you and I I mean I love it and I know it's a little deep because I was just talking to jade. I know you're helping her with her paycheck. I'm excited I don't told Jay. Listen I'm almost out of my edible. Say Girl. Can you make me some infused butter? Oil Can make the rounds but make them have a little some little mini kitchen up all of the recipes. I'm excited I think we'd all be. Yeah we'd like all become shed during. I'm sorry I wanted to ask you. Were now in another week of quarantine specifically here in New York. We've been pretty much on the stay at home order for a month now so I wanted to know how it's affected you at all. You know kind of a positive light of it and then a negative output on it. So how has being on stay at home? Affected honesty energetically. It is not affected me much. I'm someone itself isolates as it is so my schedule has shifted as much of the only thing obviously financially. There's a big drop because we can't toy. I had a well-known treat plan the summer they obviously upstate with other Omega Institute is GonNa be incredible. Been working on it for a year. So that was kind of heartbreaking that now it has to be June of two thousand twenty one if we can even have events yet next summer so we don't even know those up in the air. I know we were talking about that on our last Patriot episode. And the idea you know. We have a lot of our people. We told them to hold onto their tickets. Because a lot of the venues that we still have booked assigned seating and we've told them to hold onto their tickets but seeing the report that we may not be able to have large group. Gallup poll twenty one all of that. Nothing had my ticket for Dream Bill. Shoot and I'm just like Oh shit. Yeah I mean especially being creative that a big chunk of our finances comes from us. Being social having events curated experiences outside hose so I think that pilot has been the biggest shift But also figuring it out I mean look at us. We're recording remotely. I know a lot of the panels are supposed to be on now. They're streaming live on their way out. I not everybody needs to stream live like happy person that I'm with can't watch sports right now because it was like more time for us. It's conflicted I'm tired of fucking but also like damned his neck and he's basketball. Let me just explain why I'm a little annoyed at why everybody needs to do? Virtual thing these mother fuckers was playing game horse is I saw it was zoom. It was terrible yes just I really couldn't stand it and then I'm like you know I feel like I'm starting to judge like damn ain't got they wipe out. I mean it was so bad but I also know that like anybody will take anything week. I don't care about sports but at least when it's on can get into it right bre is I'm now and then what's what's making me really upset about Sports Yano. Avi Liking them niggers. All they're doing is playing video games. Kevin Durant I never to watch play world of warcraft. All they are doing is playing video games together. And I'm not GONNA hold you. That is one of the hobbies that men have that. Make My. I cannot stand in video game Nigga Bro and I never. I would rather that. I've never never dated a man that was a game so I have no idea what that's like. I am so fucking so let me tell you. I got flown out one time and literally like inbetween us like either going to get food or getting dressed or waking up or just doing you know him coming back from practice the Nigga was on his sister and I was just like you. What was he playing? Remember was it okay. I don't remember I don't even know when these games like I don't know they just be shooting guns at each other. I don't even know if I really hate video games like so. It's really crazy especially because I think more of the guys that I know that our creatives or in the government or like just have. I don't know better jobs. I don't either not even better jobs. I don't know but they just don't spend their free time plant. Here is a study that came out that talked about the analytics with children that play video games and how they had better critical thinking skills. I doubt doubt that it's puzzles. We'll maybe which is crazy because when I was younger we did have A. PS Four. And I think just the regular playstation and I did use the play frogger and I had an Nintendo and I did use like mortal Kombat so more to come back and frogger are. The Mario Brothers are the only game that I can't even remember playing and then once Sims came about I was like Ooh let me build a family but that was live. I can't watch mortal combat or think about it without thinking about Black Mirror now with the making and then I ain't GonNa hold you. What was what was the video. Game grand theft auto. I used to like to get in. The car is pick up the phone killing but I do want my money on a play animal crossing guard. No Shit and I said people how each other fruit on twitter. I'm like what is on the phone like it looks cute. I told Asante I'm going to fucking because we were. We were on the phone and he was like so. I'm trying to become a billionaire and I just sold some turnover but you know sometimes the market crashes you could sell your attorneys for five hundred bells and I was like that sounds good. I WANNA play. Let me ask you now that you're mentioning fruits and vegetables do you use. A CO OP for food. No I wish I what what does that they have. Cesa's that I used to be a part of which community. What is it community. Supported Agriculture farmers. That send you ingredients directly to you and they have like a drop off location in different neighborhoods. I've been like Ryan. Pass them in. The lines are crazier than trader Joe's. Because this amazing Ashley is really just asking because she doesn't want pesticides cucumbers. She put in her push at home innate there so she really just WanNa make sure. Those vegetables are state of China. We have at this point. I'm like overstocked but So okay it's like the best like pop. Culture would be broad city. I feel like they did a food. Co Op so you like volunteer hours. You work there. It's like a barter system. Be Able to shop there What it's so way hippie Mandalay Bay. That's very very community. Do Well Fran. We are going to get into. The conversation is later. We are going to talk about sex but kind of the lack thereof but before we get into that we are going to get into our icebreaker. We kind of want to break the mood a little bit just a little bit. Because I don't know we thought vegetables might work but we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA break the ice a little bit more than vegetables. So the first question is kind of just to see how you would go about. What would you do? That's pretty much? What would you do You see your best friend's husband or wife on a date with someone I'm telling you there are it's they are in a minute. You are positive that they are in a monogamous arrangement. Why do you do Intel safely? You're telling on the spot with absolutely best friend Yes S. So you stand in front of the table and like I've been a calm summer. So Right. Now you're GONNA have to do it. Let's just say best friends husband is like an let me I would say extroverted person has a lot of friends. I'm not going to still will come up and be like. Hey what's up? What you and then? I'm new myself personally like yeah. I'm sure he's friend. You know what my God and they don't WanNa say to Sheri. No you're here. And then depending on where he says. Can I talk to you for a second? I'm like no. Why don't you talk to and I'm a call at beach? Allah Fair How would you? How would you do it in his position and one lesson I learned is that they're gonNA work it out for the most part you're gonna be the asshole that feels awkward reunion around them You're a lot of people. Do Stay though. Even after knowing their partner. Kind of things that serious you know long term monogamous. Or if they're married people yet marriage GONNA work shit out so then he you look when you come over. It's like that awkward. Sentence is crazy with you could take it back. You wouldn't tell I mean I'm because I'm going to base it on how I felt like what was right. I probably would always feel like I should tell but that really was a weird situation because to this day when I'm around them. It's like how you know what you're thinking about and it's weird it. It's so crazy. 'cause I was in a situation similar not really because of course I was never married to the guy but basically Basically I was dealing with a guy and I've talked about him on the show before and my home girl was dating his teammates and so she let me know when he had another girl at the basketball game like when when he had someone else in town and so he ended up. Of course she told me and I confronted him about it and bitch my Nigga confronted hard Nigga in the locker room about his bitch be a messy and then pretty much tried to get his sister to fight my head. I was just like okay. This is it was so much and I was just like okay Nigga clearly. I know you're a Ho but he actually got really upset that my friend inputting herself into what we have going on and it became really know and not. Hello and not tell. That's that's another part of tricky honesty and I've had it happen in another configuration. Where a friend of mine told me they saw someone I was with and then my boyfriend at the time got so pissed that he found my friends number. I don't know how he got it. He's that crazy he got hurt. His number was another guy curse him the fuck out and then was telling me if I ever see him like it's onsite. I'm letting in right now and I hated it because then it created a separation but seen my friend and our people get angry for. I don't know I. I believe getting card and being marketing riper. Getting calling like actually bring go ahead tells me something like Oh so and so said this about you or they don't like your they say this I'd be like so you're right. Yeah I mean he's GonNa Bring. It was a thing even when I was a blogger when I have my sports blog You know I would still be in the social setting of a lot of these athletes and things and they would be mad about the articles that I did and I sometimes just respond like well. If you didn't do it there was nothing for me to write about your Nigga. Just really don't want to be accountable for the bullshit. They do you but I did have a friend of mine a couple that I'm cool with and I knew he would do his thing but I would never see it and at one point we were all in the same club not his girl time but the side home me him inside and I said to him. How could you do this to me like you? Put me in this position. I can never look your girl in the face. I hang out with all like you did this to me and it was really hurtful for me to have to know that other people saw me Watching him with another bid that alone like I felt like like this is not my problem anymore..

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