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NFL Players Accused of Defrauding Leagues Health Program FROM ESPN ten former NFL players including ex Washington and redskins running back Clinton portis have been charged with defrauding the League's health program of millions of dollars. The players are among a group of twelve facing charges arches in the Eastern District of Kentucky. The Department of Justice announced today they are accused of filing more than three point. Nine million dollars in fraudulent claims names of which more than three point four million were paid from June twenty seventeen to December twenty eighteen along along with the chargers that that that were announced the Department of Justice said it will seek charges against two others including former New Orleans Saints Receiver Joe Horn This from the Department of Justice Ten former NFL players allegedly committed a brazen. multi-million dollar fraud on a health club on healthcare plan meant to help their former teammates and other retired players. Pay legitimate out of pocket medical expenses. Today's indictments underscore that. Whoever ever you are if you loot healthcare programs to line your own pockets you will be held accountable by the Department of Justice The other ten players or the other players involved Robert mccune John eubanks to mark vanover. Remember him from Florida State Carlos. Rogers offers Sandra Brown James Butler Fred Bennett Correll buckhalter halter and EH trick pruitt The government also intends to charge wjr Donald Caldwell he was a redskin. Remember for a brief moment back in two thousand five. I think two two thousand seven remember. he was Shake called what was receiver with Patriots. And then he came to the to the Redskins Portis was reached by by John Climate. ESPN and he said. I don't have any comment on that. closed quote cleanse in trouble. Buddy this is trouble. And this is the Justice Department and they like making examples of high profile people whether it's whether it's musicians actors or or athletes. I mean because if you because what what happens here if you can go after a high profile Figure figure who most people would think would be immune or protected from from such stuff then everybody then the then law enforcement believes everybody nobody else will fall in line. I mean people might be think twice about committing fraud when they turn around and see you know when when major you know Nacer Ashur made examples of it happens. I you know I like Clinton a lot you know. He is one of those players. Tommy you know over the years you know after their career here. Because he's been in the media a lot of us that may have had conversations with him or interviewed him when he was a player and didn't really know and knew him from afar. Is You know oh southeast Jerome and Sheriff GonNa get Ya and all of the other things. he is I mean I can only speak from my personal experience because I've done a lot of stuff with Clinton we've done that showtime show on NBC Four for Several years now. I've had obviously on the radio show and on the podcast so many times And I just considered him to be Very kind hearted and To have a great sense of humor So I hope these these charges aren't true When it comes to him but It certainly seems pretty serious. Yes that's for sure That's it for the day I was going to mention in just the Antonio Brown stuff. Did you see him. Go off on twitter yesterday. I mean he's clearly got issues. Somebody's gotta get him help. It's going to end very tragically that's twain in Haskins new wide receiver. Okay yeah that's true. ABC DC TO DC Beckham's instagram yesterday. Wait what was going on with that. You know just kind of posted one of the generic you know I. It was something like you can't can't appreciate sunshine. China you went through the rain or something along those lines and God. He's in a shitty organization. I mean he wanted so he all those people like well Landon Collins in Ob. J. Dave cattleman. The judges place is a mess and they ended up in Cleveland and the two of them. let's make sure that in this discussion of social media and Antonio Brown that we don't Hashtag something that we don't understand. Let's let's make sure we don't today. Okay we'll do that that's it we're done I don't think I I have anything else to you. I think redskins game since you're not going to be with me tomorrow. Oh the Redskins win. They beat the Eagles and they beat the eagles baby. This is the first the three in a row for for for the REDSKINS. Redskins win This one twenty four to twenty one on a field can you can you like. Tommy is is really rooting for now. He's rooting rooting for. Wins and Bruce Allin Bill Callahan and they all come back. You would love to see. I think I think they've earned it Erin. I have no college hoops games to give out tonight. Because there aren't many games tonight. state Don't I I looked in fact. I think I would've liked that a little bit the other way I but I'm not playing that game I don't like the NFL game one way or the other tonight. That lines climbed to sixteen and a half I don't like the Ravens I don't like the jets. I don't like the total in the game so no smell test. Pick on on the game tonight. Do you like it one way or the other and you're gonNA play it now. I don't think I'm I'M I. If he gets to seventeen might take a flyer on the jets they they can move the football a little bit as you know from when they played the Redskins yes Move the football pretty good darnold. They can move against the reds they moved. It gets those dolphins last week. I WanNa just mention that People can hear me on one zero six seven two fan Saturday morning From nine to noon and and Remain Washington Times Washington Times Dot Com. And I'll be at the REDSKINS game Sunday. Enjoy it brother You'll be one of the only people actually you. They're going to be some eagle fans like last year now and not like last year because the eagles fans right now are looking at a team that they don't believe in at all last year remember. They were the defending super bowl champions. Yeah but they may count just the harass redskins fans. Yeah the the the three show up exactly Have a great day..

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