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Yeah, I've definitely made me think about how this is an incredibly abusive relationship and how that relationship was exploited right when people think, oh, why did she say it's sort of like people don't realize how that connection is exploited in like intentionally created to try and make people do things they don't wanna do. And I think that's really the core of it. Right that like people are being coerced into doing things they don't wanna do. And you know, a lot of people talk about sex traffic, I think is worth noting that like it's different from like sex work and like consensual sex work. Jasmine story was so harrowing and his shows that difference where like if you're not choosing this right, like we need to be not blaming them. Mm-hmm. And we need to support them to like make them able to get out, and I think about how stigma against all types of sex work actually hurts trafficking victims like jasmine, right? Because there's this stigma and and your frayed to speak out. And I'm sure I've read many accounts of pimps who use that fact right to keep them quiet into abuse them further. It's just heartbreaking to read and like reading it from journal. I think we're just so lucky to be able to hear her account, not just from her position now, but just when she was in the moment feeling those raw feelings? Because I, I feel when I read them, you know? Yeah, absolutely. And in that relationship, you know you are always looking for the silver lining of stuff. You know. It's like, okay, well, this is bad, but it's okay because I'm gonna keep going and she's an amazing self motivator. You know, I think she has so much personal will you know not only to kind of see it. While you're in it because it's so hard and that's why domestic abuses so prevalent because it's a very confusing relationship and it's based on like control manipulation and then to throw in being forced to sell your body for money that you don't even get to keep not like that would change it if you've got to keep all the money, but you never know. But. View because it's like you're just this thing I'm using for my own gains. You know, like that would emotionally messed me up to absolutely. And about spotting it around that there's human trafficking around us and we don't even know. And I think also, you know, there's a lot of talk about sex trafficking, all those things. And you know, part of it I think is like we should also just train people how to identify abusive relationships. You know, I think a lot of times when people out in public, you might see an argument between, oh my God, I actually just happened to me once. So this is a fun story. This guy I dated after I was kicked out a tough. So in a very emotional stay. And I was dating another person who was a former student there, but they actually graduated and we had this big blow up like outside near Madison Square Garden. So he did this huge blow up. And then everyone like literally just turn in. Wash and he started yelling, like I'm tired of you abusing me and he was on it was just arrested for domestic violence. No one came up to me like, are you okay. Like, you know what I mean? Like, what are we doing to try and help other people? You know, if you see someone being dragged up by their hair off a flight of stairs, what are you doing? Yeah. That actually happened to me a week after I got out of my first marriage, so it was also super a- and insana Monica. And I saw this couple and the guy was screaming at the girl on the sidewalk summer day, and I just marched over to because I was like, oh, hell, no. And he was just berating her on the sidewalk. And I was like, oh, if it's this bad on the sidewalk, it's gotta be even worse when they're alone. And so I walked up to him. I got his face and I was like, I know who you are, and I started yelling at him and I was like, you're out of your mind. I turned to the girl and he, he, he shut up right away. 'cause he was like, why is this short person yelling at me? And I turned to his girlfriend. I was like, do you wanna come with me? I was like, I just left a fucker like this. Like, do you wanna come to my house? I live over there. You know, you're welcome to and she gave me this look there.

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