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But to hear that it's a minority owner. It's, it's real real weird that he doesn't have the, the wherewithal just and not do anything, you know, just, hey, this is the coolest part of the NBA season. This is why I bought a portion of his team because. Yeah, I'm a venture capitalist and I want to make money. But also, like this is part of the experience L straight. There's more of his status is going to do this. Some rich guys like, yeah, I can do whatever I want. What's, what's gonna drink? Jake would never push opposing they'll come on. We don't see guys and if he did with a massage nice. We don't see guys in the front row. Get into the little scuffles, like say it's more likely someone with I don't know millions or billions of dollars that feels pretty entitled is going to do something like that. Then you are. I probably sitting there and just happened to be like two seats down from calorie in front of us or another player in front of us push him angrily the guys at the mouse, and the palace were all millionaires. Thank. Situation. Do you think it should be banned? I it should be up to lower. He should either get to choose this guy is kicked out of the rest of the NBA finals and has to sell his portion of the team or he gets the slap him in the face once on. And it's, it's at media day. So you got a lot of cameras. We get a lot of coverage. I think it'd be a fair punishment. What about we Seinfeld at any has to become Kyle hours Butler? Okay, that's fair to well, Kyle Lowry wants to ban for life because I I've heard call say that about four times in the three hours after the game, he set it on Scott van pelt, I believe you said it in the post game press conference because man shall never attend. Again. So he's he believes that these campaigner of the warriors have released a statement. Okay. What are you got Tim Bontemps? Thanks for the statement sounds like you got a scoop. This receives behavior last night, did not reflect the high standards that we hope to exemplify as an organization. We're extremely disappointed in his actions. And along with Mr Stevens offer our sincere apology to call arena, Toronto Raptors organization for this unfortunate misconduct. There's no place for such interaction between fans or anyone and players at an NBA game. Mr Stevens will not be in attendance at any of the remaining games of the twenty one thousand nine hundred finals review of this matter is ongoing. And if you want to, if you want to contact PR person, the warriors, PR man about it. Raymond Ridder's phone numbers five one zero. I don't know why he's number is on this. He's got take these calls tough. Job only call, Raymond. Everybody call Raymond. Okay. So just to put a button on this, it is Thursday game four on Friday night, because this is the this is the weird part of this final schedule where it is just a one day off in between. What's, what's your vibe for game four and the rest of the series? How it how it shakes out. I mean, are you going to continue to doubt the wraps game forum Delton, okay? Feels like the warriors will be you think it's gonna healthy and have a best of three series. Yeah. And that's great. It is. The best part of a game. Three raptors win is the ideas. It feels like this is going seven. It really does to make sure that does. Yeah. You agree. The raptors will win the championship have Klay Thompson. Kevin durant. Don't play for the rest of the series otherwise. I think it's a toss up probably going seven okay. Let's hear from you. Guys..

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