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A 14 year old female who was found deceased in that dressing room Now that's what we know now These are tragic and unfortunate sequence of events Officer shot the unidentified man after he attacked a woman police chief Michael Moore said a clear and transparent investigation will take place He also said body cameras 9-1-1 calls and other videos will be released tomorrow President Biden is marking his first Christmas in office with greetings to U.S. troops station worldwide The commander in chief was joined by First Lady Joe Biden in offering holiday wishes and thanks for their sacrifice on behalf of the nation Speaking on video link from The White House Biden called the men and women on active duty the solid steel spine of the nation Over 6000 flights have been canceled around the world over the Christmas holidays to in part to the spread of the Akron COVID virus In the U.S. bad weather is also interrupting holiday travel Flight aware says on Saturday alone more than 2800 flights were canceled worldwide over 8000 were delayed And Russian troops are withdrawing to their permanent deployment points from the Ukraine border at according to interfax news which is reporting quotes from the Russian military I'm Brad Siegel The threat of the amaran variant in California continues to intensify nika magaz reports California health officials report the highly contagious variant is evident in 50 to 70% of new coronavirus cases in parts of the state Clinical and wastewater data show that all Macron cases are present in most regions of California indicating that there is likely community transmission The state's health department.

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