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That's a job for girls. Girl scouts preparing girls for lifetime of leadership. Five billion five point six billion by the house is such a small amount compared to the level of the problem. When you see that the Democrats want to give away twelve billion extra and we're giving away fifty four billion in foreign aid. So we give money to countries, but we don't give money to our country, which is another thing that I've been complaining about and we're cutting that back it's very unfair. Democrats went to the White House today. They offer two point five billion. But it wasn't what the president wanted. You heard what he said there? Hey, everybody, Kate Delaney America tonight, there is trash all over Washington near the monuments. Because guess what? It's overflowing not getting picked up a lot of people are without paychecks. What's going on the government is still shut down? So right away. We go to our pal Ellen Ratner. Happy new year from talk media news, Ellen what a way to nineteen. Yeah. Well, actually tomorrow, you're on the air with you, and he just had heart attack. If you can believe it. So. Washington. Yeah. Wow. But he's okay. He's okay at three stents put in now. Can you imagine three stents our favorite Shurmur congressman that's awful? I still gonna come on. But. But he he's going to be coming on. He they got him out of the hospital. And so he's better. Now, it is true that the Democrats met with in fact, the president today, no agreement was come coming to shut down or to reopen the government and trash is accumulating not just in Washington. But in the national parks, so they're closing because for instance, in California one in the national parks has their toilets overflowing. People can't even use the toilets in public accommodations area. And the fact is is that although they have come up with two and a half billion or whatever it is. Has an agreement. The fact is that the Democrats had arranged to give I think one point two billion or one point three billion, and they hadn't even used all that money. So I mean, the fact is is that they're not using the money that they're been appropriated to. Wow. So what does your gut tell you on? This is this is going to keep on going. It's like the standoff at the OK corral. Telling me that this is just a partisan fight. And that you're going to need people like the problem solvers caucus to come in. And really try and get everybody together. The problem solvers caucus is a group of people in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats who was actually started by Senator Lieberman's former chief of staff, and she basically tried to pull these people together and done a very good job. And they want to solve problem. They don't want to be partisan. And that's where this is all going. Yeah. Boy, how about this mitt Romney's op Ed in the Washington Post. Wow. Well, first of all mitt Romney's niece is head of the Republican National Committee, and she is actually really been in favor of Donald Trump. But Secondly Mitt Romney has and he's not yet even been sworn into Senator get sworn in. Today in in in Washington, which is Thursday. And basically he a lot of people think he's running for office against Trump. Because why would he come and say that he said he agrees with him on most things, but he's not a leader. We just don't take off on that kind of person as soon as you get into office. You just don't do that. All right. So we'll see how that plays often this, very straight, very crazy. And then there's this story that when that Mitt Romney called him because he supported Mitt Romney and that Mitt Romney called him and was very few in terms of his compliment thanking him. So who knows what's really going on? Well, really who? Absolutely. Who knows? And then there's all kinds of things exploding with Russia, especially this thing about the spy. Did you hear that story about the guys? That the reason that they have fingered this guy as a spy, even though he's probably not smart enough cities. That that because they have fingered and. I'm a woman who was saying that she was pro guns at cetera and United States has said that she's a spy and she's admitted to being a spy, and they probably want to do a trade for her. And this is their way of doing that to get this guy. But my guess is that he is not a spy, and he certainly people in Washington do not think he's a spy, and again, I don't think he's smart enough to be a spy. Did you also see this story? And this was in the Washington Post to about Ryan Zinke, and the fact that he signed off in this letter on department stationary with a red marker, and he was the interior secretary. And he rode to work dressed like a cowboy and then left the job Wednesday at high new. The the sole congressman from his state, then he became the interior secretary. And he's been the ethics committee both separate and also the inspector general in his own department. Have really raised some questions about him and offer by the way, it's very interesting. Speaking of raising questions, they have raised questions also and have filed a freedom of information act. The Republicans have about how much. Kind of what's it called? Acuity that the that the special counsel Mahler has I mean, it's just getting crazy in Washington. No kidding. It is crazy. Absolutely. And so for the rest of the week. What did we have for encores? I mean, jeez. There's other things that are. That that that that the Senate and house come in and get sworn in. I have people from. And. Folks from North Dakota coming in for the swearing and all that kind of thing so that is happening tomorrow. And and then supposedly the president has asked that the same group of people come back to the White House to discuss the shutdown on Friday. So that's what we have to look forward to the rest of the week. And I want you to know Ohio has a new law kicking in about cursive writing that you have to buy fifth grade have pretty decent cursive writing how do you enforce that? I don't know how your. We had a fourth grade teacher that got us ready for cursive writing, and she had this thing called ink spots. And if you weren't an expat man, you do not get to write in ink. I love it craziness. All right, Ellen Ratner as always thank you so much. Thank you so much so interesting we're going to talk with our pow the former congressman from Ohio Bob ney who has a heart attack is three cents in. But looking it's twenty nineteen and he loves this show so much he's coming on this smell said. So he'll be on with us and our next show. How about that? Where do we begin? There's so much to break down when it comes to what's happening with the breakdown of the government. And I think this standoff is going to continue. This isn't going to wrap up anytime soon. This could end up being one of the longer standoffs that we see. And so now that we're going into our thirteenth day. And you've heard Ellen talk about it. Forget about going to Washington. Going to certain monuments, parks, etc. Because they're going to be closed down, and that's part of it. So if you're going anywhere, make sure you check it out Michio the flip side, we're going to deep dive on some of the stuff happening in DC, and which shaken in your backyard and mine. Bags under the eyes crow's-feet fine lines and wrinkles are things. Adults complain about as they age now there's instantly ageless it works in minutes, and is great for men and women. 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