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Uptempo offense. Never forget this ten and six ten and six worked briefly the Houston Oilers in the nineties ran the running shoot. Jack party the head coach got him to the playoffs. Tim Tibo got to the playoffs the mar- Jackson, Mitch Trubisky. When you introduce new schemes and contrarian way to do business. It works in the NFL. It always has during the regular season. And then the off-season comes and coordinators look at it. And they study it and then the next season it doesn't work quite as well in two years later, it's done and out of the league in the end. You gotta throw the ball at an elite level. Everybody is looking for the new thing. I get it. It's cool to say a half hour this new band. Hey, I found this new band. They are the hot new band. But Bon Jovi still makes. Million a year Elvis Presley does too and he's dead the old thing generally still works. You too is still selling out the Rose Bowl. Bon Jovi is still selling out big arenas. I know you love the new garage band. But we're always looking for the new thing in. Here's the four qualities that have always wanted the NFL quarterback size. It's better to be big and small now there are Fran tarkenton. Russell wilson. I'm not saying that outliers size matters. Ideally, six three and a half is where you'd like to go are matters. There have been guys like Philip rivers. Drew Brees, maybe not a great arm aware. But ideally, you'd like to the ball like, Dan Marino. Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw. Peyton mann? You'd like to throw a strong football humility manners. You don't think Peyton Manning's humble? You. Don't think Tom Brady's humble. You. Don't think John. Oh, yeah. No. No. No. No, no. They they know. Know how lucky they are. And they know they need help. John Elway didn't win anything without running back, Terrell Davis. Gotta have a little humility on not in the cocky guy, and the fourth thing is you gotta have a work ethic. Johnny Mandel never had a work ethic. Jamarcus Russell didn't have a work ethic. Size arm. Little humility and work ethic will always work and you win games without him. But when the chargers, no, according to this article seventy percent of the players that are coming. And that's because Baltimore is running largely college offense and largely running offense. It can win games. It can win a division transfer said yesterday it historically, then wins that rules. And then last very long you want your college. Emmy, listen running backs get hit so much. They wear down quickly. And they weigh two hundred and forty five pounds quarterback run around guy can work, especially if not paying much you can load up the defense. But you know, there's a reason the bunch of statues are in the playoffs weekend gossip statue full. The statue rivers statue, Brady's statue, allies, got Superbowls. He's a statue. Ben run any more either. Most of the old stuff still working in this league, by the way. Bella check, sixty seven Andy Reid sixty Sean Payton's, fifty six slowdown all new stuff. Some of the old stuff..

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