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Welcome to kiss miss and mystery. Sign your host kit chrome all this week. We've been looking at psychics. In the realm of fortune telling seances mediums in general next week. I've got some interviews starting Wednesday with the owner of a psychic boutique. And she'll be bringing with her to the interview one of her psychics. But today we're going to talk about. The belief system would seems to be very important as far as dealing with a psychic or a medium. But we're GONNA start with something more down to Earth a placebo. It said a placebo is when one believes a medical treatment or procedure will work science. Says that a placebo might make you feel better but will not cure you. But the operative word in that sense is believes during the Vietnam War field. Medics recorded increase fatalities not from severe life threatening wounds but from wounds that appeared worse than they really were the young soldier experienced incredible. Pang from a woman to the upper leg he sees massive blood loss torn flesh and knows enough anatomy to be aware of the immoral artery and believes that the artery has been severed he experiences Paris pathetic rebound which causes cardiac arrest or a heart attack. Medics were advised to shield a wound from the victims. If possible belief is said to be the state of mind in the simplest case the patient visits to Dr Complaining Daily After Battery Of Tests. The doctor finds nothing wrong with the patient and gives them placebo explaining how will stop the headaches? Maybe even creating and if this then that scenario the patient believes the doctor and the next week they call and tell the office well it worked. I- headaches gone away. They haven't occurred since taking these pills. Why because they believed in the curative value of those pills. During the Victorian era and into the first decades of the twentieth century medium psychics proliferated across Europe of the United States eighty percent of their services. Involved a seance connecting the living with the deceased loved one in America. It was immediately after the civil war that mediums were sought out by friends and family of a soldier. That number came home. Indeed in the end many walked away. From a seance believing they had actually communicated with their missing loved one. Famous Magician Harry. Houdini desperately wanted to make contact with his deceased mother. But found charlatans at every turn and spent the last years of his life exposing fake Sfu he claimed preyed on those who gaspar really wanted to believe in life after death. Scientists said with Houdini that his thinking was on track. They state that a placebo can only take you so. Far and describe belief system has a mindset where the person thinks a substance banned or person can produce a specific result despite evidence to the contrary but all is not what science would have you believe in nineteen eighty-eight Michael Smits. An Avid spelunker convinced his fiancee to accompany him into the depths of the Cape to see what he called a Crystal Palace for weeks leading up to the descent. He taught her how to use various pieces of equipment necessary for Kate exploration but he never showed a map of the route they would take for fear that message of the cave would scare her off. Her friends cautioned her against going because of her lack of athletic ability and her admitted fear of the dark. Her response was that just as he believed she would stay at his side to marriage. She believed that he would never leave her side in the Cape that going into the cave would cement their relationship holding her hand coaxing and cajoling. He led her over and under formations until two hours into the descent. They settled onto a flat place for lunch. That each carried redundant light sources each using one to light the area throughout lunch. She complimented her on various abilities. Repel late in the use of a Jumar to send finished eating. He said that they would be connected by a rope for the last leg to the Crystal Palace after easy forty minute descent. They were confronted with a deep and narrow fracture in the floor. With the sound of flowing. Water the bottom just out of sight. She wanted to turn back knowing that if anything to him she'd be hopelessly lost. He assured her that he would never leave her side. They stacked older equipment attached with the rope. He leap across then set up a line. She could use to cross pulling the equipment over last and of course using the same line confident in his abilities. Michael took a running start and easily cleared. The fracture landing on the other side quickly turned waving. He shouted that he was all right. He tossed overweighted line for her to secure she. Attached to harness and with trembling hands pulled herself over as soon as she reached the other side he was next to her helping with the harness and immediately reattaching them with what he called an umbilical cord for safety. She sat the shadows and watch to see pulled their two packs along the same lines she had just used the end where she had secured came loose. The packs all fell equipment and everything remained attached to the line but was down in the crevice. Michael delighted the situation and made laughing and he just go down and check it out. Bring it on up. He repelled down the line and bring the packs one at a time a Sunday from the depths of the fracture usually the Jumar. But he'd have to unhook the line that connected them and she should turn off her lamp just in case the flashlight in her backpack had been affected. They wanted all light sources. They could last. She saw Michael. He was checking his lines. Step over the edge of the fracture but he never climbed back out. After less than an hour she turned on her headlamp and cautiously crept to the edge of the fracture alas. She saw anything until she walked out of. The cave was headlamp tumbling into the abyss. She'd forgotten to Fastener Chinstrap Mary. Sharp emerge from the cave nearly eight hours after she and her fiance Michael. Smith's had entered. She was in shock not from the mishap. That led to eight hours in the dark with Michael had made it out with her. She described how she had scooted away from the edge of the fracture after losing her headlamp and that shortly after she'd felt a tug on the rope the connected them and that with constant tugs he had guided her through the dark at her request. A rescue team ventured back into the cave and on her report. Today should find him. Within a short distance michaels never found yet without his assistance. There was no possible way for her to traverse the cavern in the dark and find her way out. Could Houdini have been wrong about life? After death and could the powerful belief of Michael Marie that one would never leave the other side and that been attached by an ability that kept them connected and tell Marie was safe. Could that have been real? The medical science behind the use of placebos as fact the flood of mediums and psychics allegedly connect. A living with. The dead really happened. The story about Michael Marie and their incident McCabe was taken from the annals of spelunker in which was submitted by Mary Sharp Short Journal of events to local law enforcement and he names dates or locations. Houston. This story happened changed upon her request. The power of beliefs and placebos was produced here at night. Owl Sound Studio and brought to you by the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and out creek cabin writer's retreat at out CREEK CABIN DOT com. Check it out and again is a programming note. I will have an interview on Wednesday with the owner of Ashland Oregon. Psychic Boutique and with the owner will be a psychic. So we'll have an interesting interview on Wednesday for you and we will continue our searching interview and look into psychics throughout next week. I'm get crumb. Thanks for listening..

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