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Days of this campaign. Fox is Christian Fischer yesterday in Michigan, The president reinforced his message that the US is rounding the turn on the Corona virus pandemic. Our vaccine will eradicate the virus much more quickly and in the pandemic quickly, quickly quickly because we want to have our life restored just to normal. That's all we want. Joe Biden has said he foresees a dark winter ahead. I'm gonna put in place a plan to deal with this pandemic responsibly, which I laid out back in March, bringing the country together around testing tracing, masking today by then will focus on black voters in Michigan Hill campaign with former President Obama in Flint and Detroit. Racial unrest in Washington state, where a black man was shot and killed by police this week last night in Vancouver. Windows were smashed and flags were burned when tensions flared between left and right wing protesters. The violence followed a vigil for Kevin Peterson, who police have not identified as the man killed on Thursday. Law enforcement says the man was shot. After pulling out a handgun during a chase. Two police officers are heard in New Orleans. One has a bullet lodged in his skull, and OPD Superintendent Shawn Ferguson said two of their officers were on normal patrol when the passenger of a petty cab opened fire on the unit. Amanda Roberts, with Fox ate a suspect is in custody. America's listening to Fox News From the Commission Society.

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