Brazil, Hillary Clinton, Jeff Weaver discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Can he do to fix this he had nothing to do with it well mr limbaugh going forward he can with are everyone the dnc of not being run on the open up he can't do that that would tantamount admit that that that that the brazil's right while he talked to him within limbaugh he must eat must ensure to the democrat national committee in a future primary elected fair for each an why is it up to him the problem is gone hillary clinton's out of it she is the one that rigged everything wise enough to progress and i'll tell you why trump rasgas these people need a fall guy these people need some body walking the plank to exemplify or to create the image for tv that somebody is paying the price for this now here's jeff jeff weaver jeff weaver is a former campaign manager bernie campaign manager and he was on news room yesterday with rock baldwin and they're talking about brazil's book and the truth that she uncovered about hillary taking over the dnc question you gave your blood you gave your sweat you gave your cheers to the campaign and i'm frankly surprised german angrier about this wait a minute not hit sound yet what blood that this guy give i take these people literally on the mayor of real root what what what blood the jeff weaver give to the campaign did he cut himself on a pane of glass breaking into somebody's headquarters what happened anyway her question why are you not more rain angry about this you guys route cheated this nomination was stolen from you why are you not me at all i'm angry roof is not about that i'm angry but look ultimately at the end of the day you have to love the country more behavior the dnc engaged in was green just on undemocratic and it can't be allowed to happen again but look we cannot leave this country in the clutches of an administration that is not only incompetent but that is targeting a working families people color lgbt community women and other marginalised communities of color of the elites who do today still control much of the democratic party apparatus if you do not open up the party if you do not people in opposite if you do not up.

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