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Hey. Enzi GSA, we missed one hat should wound faults. Of course. Welcome everybody to keep in the girl. I'm Keith Malley Hamda a great day injury with us, low Andrea Kello Andrews, adding to all the sounds because Julius cousin happened to be in town and he's railing and can then him found a connection. It is Andrea such a fucking weirdo. When I started speaking a different language, she pretends like she's speaking along with me and the other person by just putting on a terrible accident Dak late accent, the what the. How is that different? Honestly, going ching chunks. I don't know. 'cause I 'cause I laugh. I make the mistake of laughing because I love his Railly's deeply and my heart and I going by it also. I'm also an immigrant, so double points. She also does this other thing where because not only my Isreaeli have Iraqi background there any background. So apparently she knew some Arabs past. I'll say some shit about my life goes fucking era. Just start cracking wrong. He's always right. She's like this mother fucker, and I'm like, that's a fucking here. It's an era of New York, crossover, your anger, two different types of anger running through your veins. And one of them is Arab. Yeah, they're different. Yeah, I believe the thing is every time she called me in Arabic. You not wrong. Yeah, that was my herbs. I'd coming you and Michael arguing about nothing just to argue because you love it. That's fucking era. Bullshit. I know lots of airs you guys love crackly little. Do love that. That's their impersonation of me by shopping area in Israel by the holy wall. Oh, it's just another schuch. Okay. So this outdoor market, I see this little magnet in the tells the temperature and pitcher of lawful. I need some mental from everywhere. So I go to buy many much is just four. Okay. Here's for punks. They got mad that I didn't thicker them. Yeah, they love to fight. It's a cultural thing. No, you'll fake to me and then you take it. Like I just wanted. Yeah, so funny. I warrant Keith about Israel before we went and he still was just passive, Keith, you know? Yeah, and it was just so sad to watch. And everytime we called him out. He's like your the crazy. Yeah. So he would basically do what you do except not call me era, just call me crazy. I'm just like, Keith, if you wanna get the full awful, you can't just be a bystander. There's no line just get in the fucking front and yell Salafi at someone he goes, I don't know magin. Right. He goes, I don't know how many times I'm gonna tell you. I would soon die starvation, then fucking philosopher at someone. And so me and my brother is fucking cracking up, Keith, not having, no, they have a singing Israel. Shopping is a spectator. But you know what's the worst is. So I got, I got to this country when I was four. But my parents obviously were like full going dealt with all of this background. My mother was born and raised in Israel, and.

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