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Dot com with Jerome Corsie. Great work. Thanks good to see you. So we'll have on morning Joe. We'll hear from the Washington Post reporter who sat down in the Oval Office with President Trump yesterday White House bureau chief Phil Rucker joins us next. And it was a doozy. Plus, President Trump is set to meet with Ladimir Putin just as Russia's steps up its Gretchen against Ukraine and important American ally. That's where we find NBC's chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel. And he joins us next with the very latest, including his interview with the president of Ukraine. President Trump is heading to Argentina at the end of the week for the g twenty summit which is scheduled to include a sideline sit down with Russia's Vladimir Putin. However, the president said yesterday that the Putin meeting may not happen due to the latest instance of Russian aggression aimed at Ukraine on Sunday Russia fired upon rammed and sees to cranium naval vessels and a tugboat in a treaty. Signed shared waterway off the coast of Crimea. In addition to taking Ukrainian sailors into custody in an interview yesterday with the Washington Post, the president said he was getting a quote full report on the incident yesterday evening, adding that will be very determinative. Maybe I won't have the meeting with Putin. We're going to see the president continued. I don't like that aggression. I don't like that aggression at all. Absolutely. And by the way, Europe shouldn't like that aggression. The president went on and Germany shouldn't like that aggression. You know, they're paying one percent and they're supposed to be paying much more than one percent during. Join us now live from Kiev, Ukraine. NBC news chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel. Richard good morning yesterday. You sat down for an exclusive interview with the Ukrainian president, what's his reaction to this latest, Russian aggression. Good morning. The Ukrainian president is sounding the alarm. He does not think what happened in the waters off of Crimea was some accident that it was just some Ukrainian vessels that wandered into the wrong part of shared Tortora waters. He thinks that this is part of an escalating campaign by Russia to seize more territory from Ukraine something that he thinks could trigger a wider war. He is very concerned about it. He sat down with me and sounded this alarm, and he wants the world to know that this could escalate. Ukrainian, president petro portion go in Kiev didn't mince words warning of a possible wider war with Russia movie will fight for our democracy and people fight for our soil Russian Bill pay a huge price if they attack us. Shinco says this may have just been the opening shots of a new campaign when last Sunday Russian ships, rammed and sees three Ukrainian vessels and their crew in two thousand fourteen Russian forces took over Crimea. Are we seeing a repeat of the same thing? But instead of taking land they're trying to take. So now they want to put control on the whole. This is the real purpose of Russia book you patient of the Russia says Ukrainian sailors entered Russian territorial waters despite warnings after Sunday's clash Poro shaneco imposed martial law in areas along the Russian border to protect our country. This is President Trump is expected to meet with Vladimir Putin at the g twenty summit which is coming up soon. What message would you like President Trump to deliver to Putin? Please. From ukraine. I think for me the key line in the interview was occupation of the sea Ford half years ago Russia took over Crimea. And now the Ukrainian government believes that Russia's trying to take over the azoff C, which is a vital waterway for this country. In fact, forty percent of Ukraine's exports its iron it still pass through the azoff seat. So if Russia were to take full control of waterway, it could cripple this country. And President Trump will get that chance in a couple of days face to face with vitamin Putin to make that statement NBC's, Richard Engel. Thank you so much, Richard. Let's bring in one of the reporters who conducted that wide ranging interview with the president White House bureau chief at the Washington Post and political analyst for MSNBC NBC news, Philip Rucker fill. There's so many places we could start climate change can show G the Muller investigation, the fed chair. What jumped out at you as you sat across the desk from the president United States in the Oval Office is the most significant of his comments. Well, I'll mention two things..

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