Brad Pitt, Stanley Mcchrystal, Afghanistan discussed on Kickass News - WAR MACHINE Director David Michod


At the stories core is brad pitt's slight take on the successful careers matic fourstar general loosely based on stanley mcchrystal who leaped in like a rock star to command coalition forces in afghanistan only to be taken down by his own hubris and a journalists noholdsbarred expose its written and directed by my guest today australian filmaker david muir show mitsios debut feature film was the criticallyacclaimed crime drama animal kingdom which won the world cinema grand jury prize at the twenty ten sundance film festival and went on to win ten australian film institute awards including best film best direction and best original screenplay animal kingdom was also named best first film by the new york film critics circle and earned academy award and golden globe nominations for best supporting actress jackie weaver miss shoko wrote the feature film hessischer storing joseph gordon levitt an natalie portman which also debuted at the twenty ten sundance festival and he wrote and directed the rover starring guy pearson robert pattison which screened as an official selection of the twenty fourteen cannes film festival today david michaud we'll talk about adapting michael hastings book the operators for the screen his decision to fictionalized the character based on general stanley mcchrystal and how the war machine itself becomes a character in his film he'll discuss the flawed thinking behind counterinsurgency the irony of trying to win over the hearts and minds of the same people you're shooting at and the danger of leaders making decisions within a bubble plus we talk about sir ben kingsley foppish portrayal of hamid karzai brad pitt's power walk and why no grows cotton in afghanistan coming up with filmmaker david muir show in just a moment.

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