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And do you think there's some underlying stuff going on for why he wanted to leave ver- won't take the man at his word? He'd said that he wanted to go to Denver Valerie's. And if I don't know if you guys how many positions you guys listeners have interviewed for, but it's it's very rare that a guy does not get a job. Fourteen in didn't get hired by the team to work under the guy that he got beat out for which tells me that what he was saying was probably on the up because the new coach doesn't bring in a guy that he was competing for for the position who might undermine him. Because the guy wanted that position. So if month check was willing to go to Denver and work under the guy that he lost out the head coaching job. It must be more than just the head coaching position. So it lends to me that what he was saying is true. I can only take demand for his word people were vouching for his word that if he said he minute. So I'm gonna soon, and I'm gonna take him at his word that he went out there for family reasons, and it's been proven, you have grandchildren there that's been documented to it's not like he's just making up some random family members that live in Colorado. But at the same time, this is a big loss for the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you're talking about from a football standpoint, and he was I think a very calming force that defend that offensive line had all those top draft picks that weren't really performing all that great until he got there. He was kind of cohesive gel that got everyone together. Now, Sean Sarah's been with the team for a long time since two thousand twelve I believe he's a West Virginia guy. So am I and we'll see if he can keep that going. I think the fact that he's been there there's some continuity. They know him. I I saw report from Jim Wechsel from we used to be steel city inside or the basically whenever they had meetings that Sean Sarah would be coaching half the teen half the offense of line. So he's familiar with these guys. I don't think there should be a huge drop off. But that's still a big loss for this dealers. No matter how you wanna cut it. So that's really the news. I mean, if you wanna talk. About the fact that he and Tony Brown is getting into a little back and forth with the manual Sanders over what Emmanuel Sanders said over the weekend, Lance. I'm sure you heard those comments, correct? I have not. Dealing. I mean, this is. A little busy. So the drama. I mean, hearing guys go back and forth. Depress. Some of that stuff gets old, look if you're not gonna put on gloves for charity and get your squabble on or catch a fate. You know, I'm not interested in two meglomaniac being mad at each other. We're going back to the replacement of the office of line coach, I got good authority that that guy's very solid coat. That guy's the type of thing. I last out of the building that there shouldn't be a new drug offense of live because the most important thing is the players are still there the bigger question when it comes off. It's of line is where they want to do with Ramon fosters free agency. And what are they going to do with the off injured? You hate Marquis over. Yeah. It's gonna be interesting. I can definitely see them telling Ramon foster, look, here's here's our offer. For you. Go test free agency, see what you can get in. Then if you, you know, the offers on the table, essentially, they've done this before and there've been players that have come back. I think of William gay they did this with him. He ended up coming back to the Steelers. I don't even know if he was offered something more a lot of times the players want that continuity. They're they're comfortable with the setting in the players, and the coaches will see, but that's really the news. That's going on around the Pittsburgh Steelers. It never seems to end the TMZ that is the Pittsburgh Steelers will continue to chose along as you have guys like Antonio Brown talking about how he's gonna spill his guts and tell his side of the story and yada yada, yada..

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