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Details from komo's Corwin Hake. Penny officer Levi read with the US coastguard Pacific northwest confirms three fishermen died when the crabbing vessel Mary be to overturned late last night. They were the only three people on board who of the fishermen were recovery. Don responsive to emergency medical service later put in dead on arrival. And the third fisherman has not been recovered yet. The accident happened in twelve to fourteen foot seas off the coast of Newport about ninety miles southwest of Portland. Read says the coast guard had a crew in the vicinity keeping watch because of the rough conditions. They were able to get there fast. But too late to save. The crew coastguard is is out there to protect. The fleet and hard for us as well as well for those family entrance. Corwin hake. Komo news identities of the men have not been identified have not been released as of yet Republican congresswoman, Cathy McMorris. Rogers says there's room for compromise with Democrats on border security, but she says President Trump should keep the pressure on Democrats are March state. In the meantime, are blasting the Trump shutdown as reckless and wrong. Komo's Carleen Johnson. With more Republican congresswoman, Cathy McMorris Rogers, just after the president's speech last night told the spokesman review this is the moment to strike a deal, but she supports the partial government shutdown in exchange for that deal being brokered. With Democrats, meantime, congressman Adam Smith democrat disagrees as the president has failed to convince the American public that the border wall is critical to national security has not made the case that on the portions of the border wall has not been built how is a wall going to actually enhance border security. There is no evidence whatsoever that that's necessary. And yet he's willing to shut down the governor. Mcmorris Rogers says she supports giving Democrats what they want with Dhaka. So a barrier. She says in exchange for an opportunity to eventual citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. Well, coming up after we check, traffic.

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