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What you're saying i do you have an incredibly confused look on what is moral and what is not because you've begun with god is perfect and we're depraved. You've just accepted these and when i ask what about us as depraved your answers well we're sinners. We're not in line with god. Your entire argument is circular. You don't have a reason beyond what you believe god to be. How do you know you're right about what god is especially if you acknowledge that you can't possibly know if somebody's guilty enough to be on death row like if you've already acknowledged that you can't possibly know that with much more evidence than is presented for god how how can you be so sure that god exists that he is just that we are sinners because those seem like much more broad leaps into a presupposition than suggesting that somebody may have committed a crime worthy of the death penalty. I mean you seem to know him. I know a lot about what god thinks. How do you know i guess i know from from what scripture tells you which which scripture which scripture we talking about the the the old testament the new testament the koran the bag of gaeta uh-huh oh well i would say the probably the christian scriptures are the ones where jesus jesus pals around with prostitutes intel's without send to throw the first stone really and i think that's awesome. I think i have nothing against prostitutes into. That's a live valerie alary. Don't th okay. I am one of the i'm one of the most reluctant people on the planet to say that someone is lying because to me lying is an intentional attempt at deception. It's not just merely being wrong. You think that prostitution is depraved and hurts families and the prostitutes and now you're saying that you you don't have anything against prostitution. That's a lie. It has to be a lie. Just stand by what you think and i would say honestly not partly because i i feel like i would be the same way without god. You would be the same shitty person that you say. You don't have a problem with i can't i don't see how it sounds like that and i genuinely do not need it to i genuinely that's like saying. I don't mean to be racist but the jews are god's chosen people and everybody else's inferior. I don't mean to be racist. You don't agree with me that these sex industry weather whether a perfectly viable income or not can hurt marriages. I i agree with you. Anything can hurt marriages. I agree with you that any i had jaw. I i had a job that hurt my marriage. I had friends who've had jobs marriage. They can go anywhere near prostitution. The problems that you're pointing to aren't isolated to prostitution. I i awesome. You don't think that prostitution hurts a marriage more than the honey. I'm working too many hours and by the way do you think the prostitution can help a marriage. No well you're wrong. You are demonstrably way the fuck wrong right there. I mean i can tell you from.

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