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And now move the sticks with daniel jeremiah and bucky brooks. What's up everybody. Welcome to move the sticks presented by castrol edge. Dj back with you. How you doing man man. I'm good. I can't complain. It's always fun time as we get closer and closer to address it is a busy time To say the least we've been grinding away here. I think if you turn on the television. There's a chance you're going to see one if not both of us this point time in in the year cranking out content for you as well on nfl dot com and more importantly we get to have these chats here together on. Move the sticks Today we got kind of a shorter episode But it's gonna feature a conversation with i really. I would say a rising star in the football world in terms of developing the most important position. Yeah john back has been a fascinating to watch You know having had the opportunity to talk to him. I think one thing. That's interesting for me is i. Scouted him i remember he was at. Byu i remember going through their Before he embarked on a nice solid. Nfl career watching them. Play the quarterback position. He is now taking all that knowledge expertise. And he's now pouring into young quarterbacks and we will talk about the guys. He's currently training. Zack wilson and justin feels and some others. He is really helping. These guys not only work on their mechanics but learn how to play the game. So i'm fascinated here this conversation. You just heat it up. Beautifully here. i've since this conversation at a chance to talk with john on the phone so i'm excited to listen to this for the first time because i am sure the same questions that you did But one of the more fascinating guys when it comes to the quarterback position is john back. So here's what the up and coming. Let's throw it on a quarterback guru. Amen you guys obviously have loaded class. You have a of good quarterback prospects to get you. But i want wanna talk to you about making the transition from being a former. Nfl quarterback to now being a quarterback trainer. How did you go along that path. Will you know when when you play quarterback. It's obviously because you love the position you love the investment of time sacrifice. She loved just the crap that goes into trying to become the best player you can be and so it was an easy transition for quite frankly i you know. Of course there's nothing like playing the game. There's nothing like being the guy out there But i think the second best thing is helping the guys that are out there and kind of taking my experiences that i've had and then using that to help them be the best they can be..

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