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AM in our reading store WBZ Boston W. X. K. SF MHD two men and I heart radio station. no matter is where you get your news WBZ news radio. clouds Hangin tough in Boston sixty six degrees it's eight o'clock Wednesday morning the news today it is sponsored by Boston interiors upholstery sale good morning I'm Jeff brown thank you for being with us here's what's happening two words to describe the monster hurricane Doria weaker but larger Dorian is charting its next moves right now and we still don't know exactly what it will do but officials are getting a good look at what it's already done in the Bahamas CBS news update everything manta tarian crisis that is happening here right now hurricane Dorian's moved on but the devastation just coming into focus in the Bahamas at least seven people have been killed low lying areas are in ruins correspondent David bag no is in Nassau Bahamian prime minister got a ride in the Coast Guard helicopter yesterday and saw people waving for help hello they could not be rescued because the conditions were so poor today they will try again. category two Dorian is now turning up the Florida coast expected to pass through Georgia tonight and I need to South Carolina CBS is Jamie you kiss is in Charleston as much as ten feet of storm surge could be in this area by tomorrow morning homes businesses and the fire department have all now boarded up seventy five thousand sandbags have been given out interstate twenty six the main road out of town to higher ground that is open one way so people can get out CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez we have been covering this storm for more than a week and still several days to go keep it with WBZ newsradio for the latest it is eight oh one now and concerns are continuing today over the use and abuse of vaping products in fact today Michigan is set to become the first state in the nation to ban flavored E. cigarettes.

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