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Right. Because of what happened what? Well. Well, though, I lost ticks. Oh, I think they're an indicator of the fun proof that list, I put my head of vital. Get into bit more to debate. In fact, we had one here it's difficult because she mica on question in your top view of that that becomes really hard bartered Alonzo's our top ten for me talk ten to twelve ever. I think that if you were doing a constraint comparison with I mean Louis is probably easiest one. I think Hamilton is got in the last eighteen months two years where he's probably at the same level Lonzo has been at his peak while the above she throwing the caller phone thing. But for me if you look at their whole career Alonzo got his Pete, Mark sooner or can't think of a year like Louis had into Levin race into bounce off a massive or Salvador every other and Jenson Button beaten by malls. Hasn't really button Lewis. I think fifteen maybe I think. Still wasn't. He was beaten by himself to me in Brazil. She goes smooth press briefing the other journalists and he's only asked him to write his own season. Kinda do point you just because it's interesting to see what make him make of how they've done in. Whether they are overflowing performance or underselling in our surprised at how honesty was just not he'd Steuben brilliant. But he felt he had been below his own best because I guess the project just didn't. Anyway, name was gonna does also have a slot. You wait thing. He does. Sometimes when he's a bit the noise with the world his slightly religion while driving. We saw a little bit of the end twenty eighteen or one stroll forced officers which fine stroz in the wrong map. Then just going on the throttle across those three track cuts and long season mistakes. That night ice when he retired and the rice on Okinawa's just point the hang on the outside today. Franz last year when Vella was coming through the field fairly pointlessly about women spun point. This is kind of it's not Lee stops trying to slightly goes. Yeah, that's probably. Counterpoint to the ice. He spent an awful lot more Tom of his career in media machinery, the great stew. So they're not off most grace if I got the second year away, even the first year mccown Honda two thousand fifteen having a bad yet. Content paycheck and retire. But it was still putting heart performance, you still one of the highest rice guys in twenty six hundred seventeen hundred eighteen that's remarkable. So yeah, I think that's what if you compare the other great that always gets counseled out by the the number of extra. He's had had to face that particular challenge one. And otherwise looking as you both know poetry both with the average driver racing's world sport of that ten years. He's been doing the F one drive YouTube on most of them, and the average across that time is that the peaks the best seasons have been put in by veteran Hamilton and the average until the last couple of years Hamilton lawns. I almo- almost exactly the same to the topic. The newest hundreds of Mark. Wow. Even ten that close. So. I think that shows the consistency owns those had and kinda backs up our point about he's he's real races relent since as as maybe coins relentless out of the cars. Yeah. Absolutely relentless person. I think we can say he is an all time..

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