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To the podcast. This is sam harris. Okay so to. Dan bringing you a conversation that i originally recorded for the waking up app and we released it. There's a series of separate lessons a couple of weeks back but the response has been such that i wanted to share it here on the podcast and put it outside the paywall. This seems like a better holiday message than most as i think. Many of you know waking up isn't just a meditation app at this point. It's really the place where i do. Most of my thinking about what it means to live a good life and this is about generosity about how we should think about doing good in the world increasing looking to use this podcast and the waking up app to do more than merely spread what i consider to be good ideas as their primary purpose. Obviously but i wanna help solve some of the worst problems we face more directly than just talking about them. And i wanna do this systematically really thinking through what it takes to save the most lives or reduce the worst sovereign or mitigate the most catastrophic risks and to this end. I've taken the pledge over at giving what we can which is the foundation on effective altruism started by the philosophers will mccaskill and toby ord both of whom have been on the podcast and has pledged to give a minimum of ten percent of one's pretax income to the most effective charities have also taken the founders pledge which amounts to the same thing and have had waking up become one of the first corporations to pledge a minimum of ten percent of its profits to charity and the thinking behind. All of. this is the of today's podcast. Of course there is a bias against speaking about the sort of thing in public or even in private right. It's often believed that it's better to practice one's generosity anonymously because then you can be sure you're doing it for the right reasons. You're not trying to burnish year reputation as you'll hear in today's conversation. They're very good reasons to believe that. This is just not true. And that the imagined moral virtue of anonymity something we really need to rethink. In fact i've just learned of the knock on effects of the few times. I have discussed giving to charity on.

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