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Forgot Buluwayo light speed skipping. We've never seen lights in live action which looks a lot like guardians of the galaxy. Yeah we're going to the galaxy vibe. There's actually a couple more fives this thing. But pose able to take the Falcon and light skied. Light speed skipped to the planet. The resistance is on where we see the next scene raise training. And he's got some stuff from bouillaud. He's gotten a spy. The first order sending information to the resistance he gets message from Bouillon again. We do see later kind of raise training. They cut to another planet so another Asian Kloss Austin. The name of the planet pronounced door fake indoor. It's fake indoor. It looks like the jungle. Looks like upset basically. Yeah yeah filming on that the resistance based on like a backlog of a studio right maybe it is kind of the first cuts array by the way is an incredible levitating with all the rocks waist. Down there's a lot of wire work in this movie especially in the lightsaber fight. Yes this was like the the movie of wire work and I thought all natural looking you clean of Baxler where where he did backflips. Someone threw him. It was great stuff She actually hurts. BB eight drops a tree on them. Po and Finn Tobacco Arrive Pohan. Ray I think some people tease. They may have a romantic relationship. They don't certainly don't really like each other but you don't. She says you know order difficult difficult difficult that was. I think my favorite is out there. He's like our best player. Why Yeah Yeah I think maybe my favorite part of this entire movie? Where's the interactions between all of it? Just it was so wholesome the whole like every time one of then we're talking to another I was like I really felt like they're actually friends. Kinda lost in like when they're all in different especially doing their own thing one. Yes so having them all together you actually. You actually really believe that these guys are awesome. That's at least personally. I wanted more throughout the entirety of this strategy. Because that's something you get a lot out of the of the original Trojan together the entire time that the bond between all three of them together and they doesn't happen throughout this which is like I like empire. Yeah rather separate empire. That's yeah but they're they're not because they all just kind of meet the bromance Poland Fin. We know they have a bruins. They've been together for what like twenty minutes of and we've heard talk about spinoff. I'd love to see a poem. Infant Buddy soldier type characters are so oh great. Why would you not continue with them? Even if it's not the Skywalker so I'm cool with it ending. I order details revealed. They're going to be the final order. That's cool cool name. Great Yeah palpitation. Yeah makes sense. I organized get the final orders and take everyone down. A Luke was looking for that planet Taylor Exit. He was looking for the planet and we later later find out with Lando. Yeah in for some time. If you could give me a comic a joke not to they decide to stick together this time. Go to persona. Which is where they last saw? Luke with looking for this is the Desert Planet Planets Desert Planets and Star Wars. He does he loves sand. They're gonNA look for the the way finder. And then we get a Kylo announcers a traitor and the first order. Our Guy Boulia's back dad on the table. We didn't really get to see him for portfolio. Grow the funny thing is with this that we've seen a lot of things bb ninety the black. Ba the poor. We've heard a lot of these people are like. Oh they're just for toys bouillaud. They just kill boot right away. Also arpita my my dog. Julio also cloud cloud cloud slugs bearing in the Nice Hug at the. I'll say Babu Frick made made up for cloud hope. Oh we'll get to bubble frick. Big Time paid off. I like to I also like the the the little newsradio. Yeah Yeah Yeah and then English. He speaks English human. emoting your freed. Note this when they pointed out that there's a spine the I. Did you guys immediately. Think think hawks because that's the first thing that came to mind guys getting abused throughout two movie. It's gotta be either Huq's or Richard General. His new was up with immune introduced. A new is going to be one of the bigger players at that table but yes exactly that we would all be like they were like some random stormtrooper where we have been with. Hawks was even if it was general. PRIROTY GRANT I don't know if we would have been that chuck because I go. It's like I can even reference us. Whatever tape movies introduced new characters that cares about and there's a twist role models when that nerdy guys telling us around the Campfire and it was the pizza delivery? Boy We were like what was your stories. So I'm glad they gladly pick talks. Richard E grant his character Jenner piloted worked with Emperor. Yeah with the empire years ago. Yeah I kinda wish. There's a little more on that but that's I think he might. There's there's there's a there's a lot of little things but even they rushing the story where I wish we could have had more. But that's part of the problem is they just crammed a lot into one movie. The downside and it's it's not that like it didn't feel long to me no because it was moving very fast when you have that. I wish they would. It just made it a longer movie. You could have made this three hours like endgame. They were like Yeah three hours. They could have done a three hour. Like when I when I asked you guys I was like what the running time view. It told me like two hours and fifty minutes. I've been like okay like I would have expected. It definitely would have been clear Veasley done maybe another hour there on Passat. There's a celebration a lot of times. They're star wars and dancing and celebrations. It's not a great thing. Yes yeah worked fine a burning man right right. We've seen that every forty two years. What are the chances added seventy seven? That was a fun. Little brought that up Nice Nice. Maybe his best movie. I thought the Force Awakens was Chewy best movie in the same way that this was three pills. They really let him shine. You know stuck stores wanted three. Po To fucking kick rocks for awhile. Man I will admit also we got to see some cute ES- alien babies. ABC Yeah Effect Babies. Jj loves which. I love that he respects. I Love Baby Yoga Wise. Because he's a real thing it looks like the mouth doesn't match match up with the extra dollar that's cool to the original Trojan like what we're used to star wars. Yeah we like So there's like a life day celebration. It's not it's not. It's not a star was holidays. But they're on this like again. Looks like a burning man like like basically this planet's version of Thrown powder are everywhere music festival. Giants Diwali the ADS. The first order is going to go after rain the gang because they know they're there but Lando saves them. They arrive and this guy and amass as and I actually thought they were gonNA bring him to Landau and he goes into ship. He talks to a driver of this ship. which is a muppet? I think Atika it's funny. I walked back here. I'm sure he does. And a full back story. It's revealed to be Landau. Landau saves them said last time them. You Message I've known about this simple but well I really didn't think it would be Landau like when he took the helmet off a genuine surprise and I knew it would be in the movie but Sinn Lamb. I Love I was like an EH yourself. Say either and this is where we also get the first teaser. Like oh we're going to learn a lot more about lineage. Because we have an alien be like. What's your family name right right hints? There's a character who crashed ship. They're called named. Ot they don't know much about it when they see the ship. Ray says something if you remember. The force awakens blown off the light bulbs often chose. I recognize that chip division. Yeah it's the ship that she's been envisioning since the first movie that when what's on Car Guy Assoc it back here. Yeah he's holding her arm and they see the ship if you're watching the video version if you'll see if you don't remember it So that's what. Her parents flu often. An immediate if you didn't get it from asking her last name you got it there. You're definitely got here. And this is this where she has her like. She actually has that flash where she sees. Everything thing is that is that happened in that same moment I forget the exact moment but I think it's I think it's close to this moment. Love around there because she she has that flash before she gets into the tug of war with Kylo Kylo. Yes basically does happen around here. And we see flashing to that we see a flash of. Yeah because she says we can't stay here we gotta go coming their current the grabs the fucking necklaced through the four right right yes. I'm glad you brought that. That's how he knows they're there. They have that force bond right. You said the flashback. The crap necklace off holes and then they know it's pretty awesome. It's very cool. How the force bond has gotten stronger and stronger? In the last year we saw he felt like the raindrops from October. He looked at his hand and was like all right and now we're to the point where like they're grabbing things. I mean they help the force that was like the power I know some people say like like. It's so this is there's there's two camps of where I don't like like last jet I some of hate one of the stories. Some of the story structure getting getting out loving some of the humor. That's fine but like the plot hole stuff just because it's a new thing that introduces making a plot. Shit all the time magic man like never. We're used that before strikes back when Luke reaches the snow. That's the first time anyone's ever moved anything with the Fort Star. It's like you just have to expect that it's just going to grow and it's just GonNa get shot like horsepower who this there's new that like it's got and if you're a star wars fan you want this you want expanding the lure you want new horizons that's the whole point if you watch the NBA Today and you watch the NBA from the seventies year. So much better. All of a sudden reporters don't a AH plot hole there so they they dropped down for this like quicksand. Yeah yeah which I braced for an explosion sound. We didn't I thought she was forced to move it or something. Yeah SPO DESPU s said it took a little bit. This is the most Harry Potter feelings. I thought the same thing they both Harry Potter. The tree thing the light to get get through the first one. It's the one you're referencing remember..

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