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A reminder of what's to come not all that far from now, you know, and I had the most beautiful icicles on my balcony. I've noticed. They're all gone. Yeah. I kinda miss love. They were them off and put them in the freezer, and then eat them and then serve this, right? Drains a stirring drink. Thing. And Tom skilling house. I would anticipate you go there for like a fancy dinner because you know, John's always making something fancy, right? And now you're sitting in there, and you got a tropical drink, and there's an icicle sticking out. Of course, do you? There's there's a story that a meteorologist a Tampa started getting a they had a massive Hailstone storm down there and always sudden these soggy boxes started showing up and he realized what was going on with some people and actually taking the hills and put them in a box to mail it to him to show him. How big they were in their neighborhood. That's that's. Melted. Clearly on the way, the same people who are arguing about his hurt. Yeah. So I know. All right, Tom. Thank you very much. Good to talk to you. Again. A good to talk you happy Valentine's Day. Thank you. You bet guy talk tomorrow. Great town skilling. Let's now check in with Kim. Gordon? What's coming up at the bottom of the air on the news row? New details in the investigation into the alleged attack on empire, actor Jesse smut and the Tri state tollway. Southbound at two we avenue the right lane is blocked with an accident. Traffic starts to back up about golf road into the crash site for personalized traffic on demand. Get the traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hockberg T R A F F. I X Chicago. I'm Jan desalvo in WGN traffic central. Let's say you just bought a house bad.

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