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I think in some ways the problem with this commentaries that although it does a good job of these developing these criticisms against territory, in fact, Mahat here is an autocrat in the same way that detail is and so in some ways that let's Mahatma off the hook. But he seems to be doing something, right? It seems that he's public image at least slightly better absol-. Absolutely. I think people will argue that his return to politics his ability to manage the economy to to cement investor confidence at a time of substantial political transition has been all to his credit. The problem is that nobody knows when Anwar Ibrahim is going to become prime minister does this kind of certain Malaysian politics, and that's because Mahanta rules autocrat at a very basic level. Let's continue to Toyland next very interesting article from there how how how members of of some politics shifting elsewhere. Right. So this is related to toxin the part is of toxin Chinnawat. Here's a deposed prime minister. And he is still highly influential in Thai politics, one of his party's put tie is under huge pressure from the government. There's threats from the government to disband the party and also the military developed constitution has put a lot of pressure on a disadvantage. Ing. Large parties. So the basically the constitution is created to or crafted to disadvantage toxins parties. And in fact, what we have here is party. Switching going on across from one talks pro toxin party to another pro toxin party. This has happened already one time already when a previous pro toxin party was disbanded. And now, we're in the process of watching a gun and also it's not just members going from one party to another. It's also policy lead us in this case. Yeah. And this is where the articles very interesting because extensively what we could see is this part of leadership jumping ship because of the pressure. That's coming down from the government. They don't want to be around one the one the old parties disbanded, but actually the article raises some interesting insights into this is possibly about insight fighting across the leadership as well. And those who are Li leaving are leaving for political purposes for political reasons because of infighting good old these resulting in increased political instability. Instability, just before next election. I think this is a very interesting question. The the I don't think that this will result in any increased political stability, but we have to remember that these elections are not going to be open and fair and therefore any type of chaos that occurs beforehand is only going to work in the military's favor. Another story from Asian correspondent, Indonesia is to develop sharia compliant blockchain gold exchange. Lets you explain. Okay. What what's fascinating about? This piece is that there's there's a certain type of. Alchemy here on the one hand we have gold, which is a historically a very very important commodity. We have the brand new the new of the blockchain and then also. The modern religions or religious certification that comes with being sharia, certified this is the development of a gold based cryptocurrency, which means the cryptocurrency is digital transfer technology. Excuse me, it's a a distributed ledger technology, which will allow investors to rather than invest in a currency, which with hot large fluctuations of value. The the gold peg will allow that value to remain very stable and four Muslim investors who don't want to invest in speculative investments are usually based investments this ser- sharia, certified blockchain cryptocurrency would be perfect investment for them. How unique is this? It's there are two aspects of it which are not as unique as they may seem first of all it is Islamic finance is widely available in southeast Asia. So in that regard. It's not very unique and actually even gold basis law. Mc finance in terms of crypto currencies have been developing in the in the Gulf states. And also there's go base sharia compliant cryptocurrency in Malaysia as well just buying me. One most story, which is from channel news Asia, this this woman has been seen chasing off to a plane on Tomek at Bali airport after missing her flight, we don't quite know how this can happen..

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