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Bosnian if your credit card is elle fanning chris plante gave yeah wbz news time 508 for now bury burbank is here with the fourday wbz accuweather forecast taking us through the weekend and the varying amounts of clouds and sunshine today with scattered showers and thunderstorms of few storms this afternoon could contain hale and damaging win muggy with a brisk southwesterly wind attended twenty five miles an hour i tempt near eighty seven mccoy closer to or just under eighty on the south side of kid guide becoming partly cloudy to mostly clear with a big full moon tonight turning less humid with low's near sixty seven in boston endowed near 60 in the most of the suburbs by dawn for tomorrow sunny to partly cloudy with low humidity on a pleasant breeze highs near eighty four on monday sunny to partly cloudy would dry year highs near eighty seven on tuesday burying amounts of clouds and sunshine with more showers and storms muggy and windy with highs near 85 and wbz tv meteorologist berry burbank on wbz newsradio 1030 64 cloudy and boston wbz news time 503 five there was a whole lot of rain falling on the cape ann islands yesterday afternoon and evening bill simpson as with the national weather service mostly the weapon and the venue you'd had the highest rainfall amounts to a head over to a to a created in about two hour period and a up to the cape ann island some good hit for they had up with a threetwo in in two hours so they had a major recording downtown i may feeder combat move diana had reports of three too much as five into in the mid kip areas of onto your with the film of chamber of commerce tells wbz she's never seen anything like yesterday's rain earn hampshire your remember got slammed with heavy.

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