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House, Republican leadership holding their weekly news conference with reporters. You're listening to C-SPAN radio. Well at the same time in another area of the capital, a news conference is being held by the democratic caucus. We hear first from caucus chairman Hakeem Jeffries morning, everyone. Early at the day of the caucus meeting. At a very active discussion on the wide variety of issues, but we were particularly pleased that Dr Henry Louis gates. The prominent Harvard historian was with us to share clips from his new film on reconstruction and remind us of our long journey that we've been on in this country to make sure that we can bring the values of liberty and Justice for all and equal protection under the law to life. Introducing dock gates. I reminded everyone in the room that four hundred years ago this month. June of sixteen nineteen the first slave ship left, the west coast of Africa and arrived two months later. In Virginia, thus began a long journey of the African American presence here in the United States of America. Dr gates has catalogued it almost, unlike no one else from slavery to emancipation to reconstruction, reconstruction, Jim crow, Jim crow through the civil rights movements of rights movement through the years of President, Barack Obama, and now the moment that we're in, and it was an opportunity for us to reflect on why we do what we do as Democrats fighting for the people, particularly as it relates to HR one, and our democracy reform legislation, and the effort to make sure that every single American regardless of race regardless of gender, regardless of zip code, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity. Regardless of religion has an opportunity to participate. In our democracy, and we, of course, will continue to dedicate ourselves to that causes. We move forward in an era of voter suppression and in an era. Of some even those in power trying to turn back the clock as we continue to try to move America forward. Also at the meeting Jan Schakowsky Doris, Matsui and Connaught lamb. Announced the relaunch of our task force on aging that will focus on the well being of older Americans consistent with our for the people, the gender where we've promised to make sure that we reach out to every single community to get things done on their behalf. In the case of older Americans are promise to make sure that we will protect social security, and protect Medicare and protect their well being as someone the other side of the aisle endeavor to slash and burn the social safety net in a manner. That is highly irresponsible. We also announced and speaker Pelosi has emphasized are weekend of action on health care in the United States of America. We expect that there will be over a hundred different member lead events that will take place on Friday, Saturday or Sunday of this weekend to emphasize what Democrats have been doing on the question of lowering healthcare costs. Protecting people with preexisting conditions and driving down the high cost of lifesaving prescription drugs. And what we intend to continue to do. We will not be swayed by the fact that the grim reaper continues to obstruct progress in the United States of America, and at the Senate has turned into a legislative graveyard, we're going to continue to make it clear to the American people that we're committed to the cause of lowering healthcare costs and protecting people with pre. Existing conditions and lowering the high cost of lifesaving prescription drugs, we want to find common ground. We wanna work with the other side of the aisle. We want to get things done, but we need the Senate, and we need the president to be willing to do their job. I mean now yield to dynamic vice.

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